Zong Social Packages 2024 | Daily, Weekly, Monthly (update)

Zong Social Packages – Now you can access all social media apps on an Hourly, Daily, Weekly & Monthly basis through new social offers of Zong telecom.

All 3G/4G prepaid users need internet packages to access social media apps. Hence, remember that you need to activate “Social Internet Packages” to use social media (Facebook, IMO, Twitter, WhatsApp) and other apps. Full details about the latest social net buckets for Zong users are present here.

Now you can activate the internet bucket for social media usage according to the validity you want. Because Zong has introduced a dozen of such social media buckets that are perfect for you according to MBs (data) and price vise.

Zong Social Packages

These social media packages for Zong users are divided according to validity vise. However, the price remains the same, and slight changes occur in each package according to the data vise increase the price increase.

Hence, now it’s on you which package you activate according to your need and usage. If you want to access those social media apps that consume more data, then activate heavy social buckets. In case, you want to use low data using social media apps, you can activate low-price & validity buckets.

Hourly Social Offers

In the portion of hourly social media packages of Zong 4G, we have described the latest 1 Ghanta YouTube and Zong Social 2-Hour Non-Stop Offer. These offers provide follow incentives on an hourly basis:

1 Ghanta YouTube

2nd package is the list of hourly social media offers (1 Hour / 1 Ghanta YouTube Offer) available for 2+tax.

Offer Name:Hourly YouTube
Validity:1 Hour
Price:Rs 2+tax
Subscribe Code:*1987#

2 Hour Social

Offer Name:Hourly Social
Validity:2 Hour
Price:Rs 12
Subscribe Code:*3000#

Note: The subscriber will also get Unlimited Minutes for 2 hours.

Daily Social Offer

It’s time for a 1-day social media internet package available for 23 rupees. You can use YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, and IMO (social media apps) through this bucket. Here, the details are given below:

Offer Name:Daily Social
Validity:1 Day
Price:Rs 23
Subscribe Code:*386#

3 Days Social Offer

Get 1GB of social media data and 1000 Zong to Zong minutes for 70 rupees. This Social Internet Package comes with unique validity of 3 days. Let’s see its full details:

Offer Name:3 Day Offer
Validity:3 Days
Price:Rs 70
Subscribe Code:*3433#

Note: The 3 days social media internet offer provides 1000 Zong Minutes also.

Zong Social Packages (Weekly)

There are 2 different social packages in Zong that comes with 7 days (weekly) validity. Here the price, code, and details of both the weekly social media offers are present below:

Weekly TikTok

1st offer is for TikTok users. Yes! If you use TikTok, then activate the Zong Weekly Social (TikTok) Offer to get 3GB for 70 rupees. Here the details are given below:

Offer Name:Weekly TikTok
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 70
Subscribe Code:*606#

Note: Dial *606# or send SUB WTTO to 6123 to activate. Send UNSUB WTTO to 6123 to deactivate.

Weekly Video

2nd bucket is Zong Weekly Video Offer which allows its users to access TikTok and YouTube respectively. Here, the details are presented in this table:

Offer Name:Weekly Video
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 150
Subscribe Code:*570#

Note: Dial *570# or send sub1 to 916 to activate. Send UNSUB to 916 to deactivate.

Zong Social Offers (Monthly)

Finally, here we have 5 Social Media Internet Packages for Zong prepaid users having 30 days validity. These packages’ names are given below, after the names we have to describe each bucket on this page for you.

  • IMO Monthly
  • WhatsApp Monthly
  • WhatsApp Plus Monthly
  • Monthly Social Mini Offer
  • Monthly Social Media Package

Let’s talk about these all social media packages 1 by 1 with their price, code, and other basic details here in ascending order:

IMO Monthly Offer

1st package in Zong Monthly Social Offers is IMO Monthly Offer. It provides 2.5GB monthly for IMO App at 80 rupees.

Offer Name:Monthly IMO
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 80
Subscribe Code:*466#

WhatsApp Monthly

Get 5GB WhatsApp for 30 days via Zong Monthly WhatsApp Package. This package comes for 80 rupees load. Dial *247# to activate it.

Offer Name:Monthly WhatsApp
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 80
Subscribe Code:*247#

WhatsApp Plus Monthly

Do you want to get SMS + Off & On Network Minutes with WhatsApp data? Here we have a Monthly WhatsApp Plus Offer for such subscribers. Take a look at the Monthly WhatsApp + IMO data offer details:

Offer Name:WhatsApp Plus
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 160
Subscribe Code:*4000#

Note: This plus offer also provides 200 SMS, 200 Zong Minutes, and 30 Other Network minutes.

Monthly Social Mini Offer

For Rs 130 you can enjoy 6GB (Facebook + WhatsApp) for 30 days via the Zong Monthly Social Mini bucket. Let’s see the code and additional details:

Offer Name:Social Mini
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 130
Subscribe Code:*250#

Monthly Social Media Package

The last Zong Social Media package of the day is Monthly Social Offer. It 12GB social data bucket for Facebook, WhatsApp, and IMO respectively. Get more info from here.

Offer Name:Monthly Social
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 240
Subscribe Code:*6000#

Note: Additionally get 250 SMS, 250 Zong Minutes, and 50 Off-Network Minutes via this offer.

Additional Details For Users

All these hourly, Daily, 3 days, Weekly and Monthly packages are available for prepaid Zong users only. In addition, I want to clarify the fact that all these buckets only provide internet data to access social media apps.

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You can’t access plane internet for downloading, uploading, and browsing except for social media app usage. Hence, activate any bucket from the given above list and enjoy social media apps on Zong according to your chosen validity.

Terms & Conditions
  • Offers are for social media usage only
  • Plain net access is not possible via these offers
  • All these offers are also available on the Zong portal & on Zong App
  • You can activate these online through the Zong portal or through the App
  • To check the remaining MBs of Zong Social Packages, please dial *102# code
  • All these packages come with the implementation of official (GST, AIT & FED) taxes