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Zong Stay At Home Bundle Subscribe & Check Code 2023

Dial *3434# to activate Zong Stay At Home Bundle and enjoy Zong weekly 10GB internet and 1000 Zong Minutes for Rs 170 from 6 AM to 6 PM. Here the complete description of the “Stay at Home Bundle” is given on the Apna4G portal for all prepaid Zong users.

In Pakistan, there are numerous reasons to stay at home including the risk of coronavirus. The extreme weather (cold/hot), public holidays, online duty, and others. That’s why; keeping in view the need of Zong users the network has launched a special package to be used at home hours.

Yes! You can get 3G/4G internet and minutes for an on-network connection for just a hundred and twenty rupees. This is only possible via Stay at home bundle Zong.

Zong Stay at Home Bundle

This package is also known as Zong 10GB bucket due to its incentives that we have completely described above in 1st paragraph. Or on the other hand, the 2nd name that is know as its official name is “Zong Stay at Home Bundle” which is sometimes search as “offer/package” on Google.

Do you know why this internet package is trending these days? Basically, it provides internet from morning 6 AM to evening 6 PM. These 12 hours are know as “active hours” and internet usage is always maximum. Due to the maximum number of active users in these hours. Hence it is the best daytime internet and call package for ZONG prepaid users.

10GB + 1000 Minutes Details

Here are the details of the Zong Stay at Home Bundle including its original price, required load, validity, usage timing, and other important info presented.

Getting internet and on-network calling minutes has become possible just because of this Weekly pack. Let’s take a look at Zong Weekly 10GB Pack for each point in detail:

Offer Name:Zong Stay
At Home
Zong Minutes:1000
Timing:6AM To 6PM
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 170
Subscribe Code:*3434#

Note: On-network calls will deduct 0.15 on each call you made using new data pack of Zong 4G.

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Code & Online Subscription

There are 2 options in terms of the Zong Stay at Home Package subscription. 1st method is to dial *3434# and activate it manually using the string method.

Number Box

On the other hand, the 2nd method is the activation of the “Stay at Home Bucket” using an online activation trick. Yes! Click below and enter your phone number in the given box to subscribe to the Stay at Home bucket online.

Officials Terms

  • Stay at Home will work at given hours
  • Stay at Home bundle will not work on postpaid
  • Govt. taxes (AIT 15%) (FED 16%) (GST 19.5%) apply

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