Zong Yaari Call – Zong To Zong Free Call With Yaari Call

Start Zong To Zong Free Call with Yaari Call. Dial *110# before the number you want to call and start the free call. Call receivers will pay call charges and you will enjoy the calls.

Now enjoy your on-network calling for free. Yes! In the history of mobile phone calls now the receiver will pay your call charges. This is all possible with the Zong Yaari Call service. Here we have mentioned complete details of this offer will code, price, and other complete basic information.

Zong To Zong Free Call (Yaari Call)

With Yaari call service, users will enjoy free on-net calls. How is this possible? Complete details are mentioned in this table:

  • Dial 11 before your friend number, e.g. 1103121234567
  • Or dial *110# before your friend number, e.g *110#03121234567

Zong To Zong Free Call Price

This is a free calling service for the person who starts calling. But the call receiver has to pay PKR 2+Tax per minute. Hence, this is a free service for call initiators.

Zong To Zong Free Call Features

  • Free call for the person who starts a call.
  • There is no time limit to start a free call.
  • The second person who receives calls will pay the charges.
  • Call charges are PKR 2+Tax per minute.
  • You can block numbers (you don’t like).
  • No subscription code, just dial 11 or *110# before the call start.
  • This service is limited to on-net ZONG to ZONG only.
  • Enjoy unlimited calls with loved ones.
Zong To Zong Free Call Pkg
White/Black List Service Codes

You can put your favorite numbers on the white list & those numbers on the black list that you don’t like. Follow the instructions given below:

  • BL031XXXXXXX (Block a specific number by entering the number with this code)
  • AW031XXXXXXXX (Add the number in the white list)
  • REG031XXXXXXXX (Allow number to send you a request for the call)
  • DW031XXXXXXXX (Delete a number from your white numbers list)
  • WH-VIEW (View the list of white list numbers)
  • BL-VIEW (View the list of block numbers)

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Terms & Conditions
  • This service is free and there is no subscription.
  • Just dial 11 or *110# before the receiver number.
  • The call receiver will have to pay call charges.
  • For complete details, please visit OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

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