Zong Weekly Super Star Offer Price and Details

Dial *1600# to activate Zong Weekly Super Star Offer and get 100GB internet, 10000 SMS, 10000 Zong Minutes and 1000 Other Minutes for Rs 480.

These days, Weekly Super Star Offer is being search at breakout level on internet. It is because of affordable price and maximum incentives of this weekly package. As you know, every prepaid user wants such package that can give them maximum minutes, messages and internet data. Hence, this package is design according to such viewpoint.

In Pakistan, no other telecom network can beat Zong 4G in terms of affordable package. This time Zong has introduced another 100GB weekly package just at 480 rupees. We have described this package here on this package along with price, code and details.

Zong Weekly Super Star Offer

Zong Weekly Super Star Offer is a 100GB package. You can also get 10000 SMS, 10000 Zong Minutes and 1000 Other Network Minutes through the subscription of this package.

Hence, what are you waiting for? Activate this package today and enjoy non-stop calling, messaging, internet usage for just 480 rupees. Let’s see the details of this package and its subscribe & check code.

Offer Name:Zong Weekly
Super Star Offer
Zong Minutes:10000
Other Minutes:1000
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 480
Subscribe Code:*1600#
Check Code:*102#

Note: You need to recharge Rs 500 to successfully activate this offer.

Zong 100GB Package

Zong Weekly Super Star Offer is also known as Zong 100GB Package. Hence, activate this 100GB Offer today by dialing *1600# and enjoy 3G/4G internet for 7 days non-stop. There is no time limit (special usage hours) and you can use this data till validity.

  • 100GB Internet
  • Data Type 3G/4G

Actual Price & Load

In Pakistan, the actual price of a package is always less than load (recharge) required. Same procedure implements here and here the price of this package is Rs 480 only. But user need to pay all taxes of government. That’s why, user need to load (recharge) Rs 500 to successfully activate this offer.

  • Offer Price: Rs 480
  • Recharge Required: Rs 500

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Package Subscription

People don’t know even a single method to subscribe Zong Weekly Super Star Offer. But today here Apna4G will mention 2 different (100% working) methods to activate this offer. You can subscribe this offer by dialing code *1600# or open Zong App and click on weekly bundle. Select Weekly Super Star Offer and activate this offer online.

  • Dial *1600# Code
  • Activate Using Zong App
Terms & Conditions
  • It is a weekly offer
  • This is a prepaid offer
  • This offer is not auto recursive
  • Package multiple subscriptions are allowed
  • If re-subscribe within validity, the resources will roll over
  • If you want to see the further details about this offer, click here

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