Zong Weekly Pro Package introduces in Rs 399 (Details)

The new Zong Weekly Pro package has been introduced by the network with 40GB, Unlimited On-Net + SMS & 250 Off-Net in 399 rupees. Full details are given below about flat (browsing + downloading) data usage.

Hence you can use the internet on Zong 4G on weekly basis at the fixed price of Rs 399. This bundle is usually known by thousands of different names but people often use “Zong Weekly Pro” words to indicate this package.

Getting internet on Zong 4G has always remained easy. With the launch of this package, the 40GB bucket dream has come true and now people can enjoy unlimited streaming, gameplay, and downloading at a low price.

Zong Weekly Pro 40GB

Basically, this package was launched in 40GB internet MBs but the network has updated this package and now the price has been reduced to 399 but the code of this package is the same old.

Dial *794# and activate “Zong Weekly Pro” at your prepaid number. Remember that the following package will only activate on prepaid Zong Sim numbers.

Offer Name:Weekly Pro
Zong Minutes:Unlimited
Other Minutes:250
Price:Rs 399
Validity:7 Days
SUB Code:*794#

40GB Flat Data

This package was actually a 40GB package available for 399 rupees but with the arrival of New Year 2022, Zong has updated this package incentive and added the minutes & SMS in it. The price is the same 399 rupees but incentives have become double because the old offer only had data but now it has SMS, Minutes, and Data including 40GB.

Weekly Timing

The timing of MBs usage (the use of the internet) is fixed in this package. It means that the following bucket will only give you internet for 7 days every day till the expiry of the bucket on the same day, Get details about Zong Karachi Offer from here.

PUBG & Flat Usage

According to Zong officials, the subscriber of this package can use MBs of the “weekly pro” bundle for internet usage as well as for PUBG gameplay. It depends upon the package activator and where they spend their data.

Terms & Conditions
  • It is a weekly offer
  • GST on MBs will apply
  • Timing is unlimited (7 days)
  • No MBs Add-On is possible
  • Get more details from the official site

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