Zong Super Weekly Max Offer Code | Get 25GB For 7 Days

Dial *220# and activate Zong Super Weekly Max for 7 days. Subscriber will receive 25GB internet MBs in just Rs 365 load (Incl. Tax) only. Always remember that the user must have Rs 370 rupees in the account to fulfill the taxes and to avail of this bundle successfully.

Enjoy internet for 7 days non-stop in a load of PKR 365/- only. The official price of this bundle is PKR 330 (Incl. Tax) but the user must have PKR 370 in the account to subscribe to the bundle. All types of Government & official taxes will apply on activation of this bundle.

Enjoy 4G & 4G LTE internet fun with plain internet simultaneously for 7 days. In addition, the user can use 3G or 4G SIM for this internet. It is a trending weekly internet bundle these days.

Zong Super Weekly Max (Details)

Enjoy 25 GB of data for 7 days for PKR 365 (Incl. Tax). Hence dial *220# and activate the Zong Super Weekly Max package which is the best package compared to other offers. It is a top data bucket due to its low rate & maximum amount of data for both plain data types & online video streaming sites.

Getting internet on weekly basis at a huge amount has become possible via Zong Super Weekly Max Offer. This package is specially made for those users who want maximum internet on Zong SIM for weekly usage.

Offer Name:Weekly Max
Price:Rs 365
Check Code:*102#

Enjoy Videos & Social Media

The 25 GB data allow subscribers to view unlimited songs, movies, clips & videos online with the fastest 4G speed of Zong. That’s why people love to subscribe to this bundle because video streaming, as well as browsing, is the main feature of the internet. Get details about Zong Free Instagram from here.

Top Weekly Net Package

Users also name this bundle the top weekly internet package of Zong. Due to the massive data (internet) no other telecom SIM package or Zong net package can compete with this 25GB bundle. The 3G & 4G supported 25 GB is enough for 7 days of video streaming as well as for browsing.

weekly max info

Now with the help of the latest converters and online video download apps & sites, users can download videos from YOUTUBE. Zong 4G has special bundles of YOUTUBE. Users always demand a bundle having a hybrid version of the internet + YOUTUBE. That’s why the company has launched this marvelous bundle.

Terms & Conditions
  • A tax rate of 12.5% will apply.
  • A sales tax of 19.5% will also apply.
  • Dial *102# to check the remaining MBPS.
  • Total data will be available for 7 days (non-stop)
  • All service charges and taxes will be applied to the bundle.
  • The user account must have PKR 365 to subscribe to this package.
  • Click here for more Online Subscriptions & FaQs.

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