Ufone Free Snapchat Code – 100MBs

Dial *7627# to activate Ufone Free Snapchat Package and get 100 MB daily without any balance deduction. It is a limited-time offer and available for all prepaid Ufone users.

Do you want to access the Snapchat app using Ufone SIM for free? If yes! Then you are on the right page because here we will guide you to get free Snapchat MBs daily for free.

Basically, the officials have launched a new limited-time (free Snapchat offer) for all social media lovers. Let’s see how this offer works and check whether you are eligible or not for this free package.

Ufone Free Snapchat Offer

Do you have an Ufone prepaid 3G or 4G SIM card? If yes, then this package/offer is specially designed for you. Simply insert your Ufone SIM into your mobile and dial *7627# to activate the new Ufone Free Snapchat Offer / Package.

Remember 1 fact, this offer expires at 12 PM (every midnight) hence you need to activate this offer using its activation code every day when you need free MBs for Snapchat.


Offer Name:Free Snapchat
Data:100 MBs
Price:Rs 0
Subscribe Code:*7627#

Note: Free Snapchat will work on 3G and 4G SIM cards.

Free 100 MBs Daily (FUP)

Get free 100 MBs without paying even a single paisa. Isn’t the following offer the best free social package? Of course, it is, now those users who want to send SMS, videos, chat, and start a video call with their friends get ready to perform all these features on Snapchat for free using an Ufone SIM. Remember, the officials have set a Fair Usage Policy of 100 MB on this free offer.

Offer Daily Expiry Policy

Here, the Ufone officials have set a unique expiry policy on this Free Snapchat Package. Basically, those users who will receive 100 MBs on dialing the activation code will be able to use this data till 12 PM. After that midnight time, you have to dial the activation code again to renew the daily 100 MB Snapchat offer quota.

Daily Free Data

Require Prepaid 3G/4G SIM

Those users who want to activate Ufone Free Snapchat Offer to get 100 MB daily. Such users will have to fulfill the condition of having a prepaid SIM. In addition, the 2nd condition applies that SIM must be of 3G or 4G protocol to use 100 MBs data.

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Which Snapchat Features We Can Access?

It is an important question, how many features of the Snapchat App can be accessed by using these 100 Free MBs? Hence, you can access all features of Snapchat by using these 100 MBs. Yes, these features include video calls, stickers chat, text chat, and other basic functions of this app.

My Personal Conclusion

I personally have subscribed to this free package, and it doesn’t deduct even a single paisa from my account. Hence, dial the activation code of the Free Snap Chat offer and enjoy this app daily on your mobile using a prepaid Ufone 3G/4G SIM. For more details, please visit the official Ufone page.

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