How to Check Remaining MBs in Zong – Zong MB Check Code

Zong MB Check Code – Dial *102*4# to Check Remaining MBs in Zong Sim. It is a prepaid code that works on all daily, weekly, and monthly internet packages to check the remaining internet MBs of that offer. In addition, further details related to these codes are presented below.

Do you have subscribed to any Zong internet package Or received free MBs? Then dial *102*4# Zong MB Check Code and get details about MBs or remaining internet data on prepaid Zong SIM.

Getting internet on Zong has always remained easy because according to users’ ratings, the price of Zong internet packages is affordable and cheap as compared to other telecom networks.

Zong MB Check Code

Dial *102*4# and check the remaining internet MBs in Zong 3G/4G Sim for free. Checking the remaining data (MBs) deducts nothing from the user’s balance account.

You can also inquire about your remaining MB on Zong SIM by downloading and installing the official app of Zong. Its procedure is given below. On the other hand, the Zong 4G often gives free internet to its customers on daily basis. This is the main reason that people in Pakistan prefer to have Zong 4G SIM on mobile to use free internet.

Zong Check Codes (List)

Check All Incentives:*102*1#
Check Zong Minutes:*102*2#
Check Zong Messages:*102*3#
Check Zong Internet MBs:*102*4#

Here is How Zong MBs Check Code Works:

  • Dial *102*4# to Check MBs
  • Or follow these steps:
  • Dial *102# and wait
  • 4 different options appear
  • Reply with number 4 (Check MBs)
  • After that, it will send you an auto-generated SMS
  • That SMS will contain full details about the usage and remaining MBs

Note: Zong Officials will charge Rs 0.10 + tax on each inquiry

Data Check Via App

Do you know the official “My Zong App” is the best, quick and free method to check the remaining MBs, SMS, and Minutes easily? Click here and open the direct link to download and install the official app from the internet.

Official Zong App Widget

After downloading it completely, please install it and open it by providing your original Zong number in it. As a result, you can check the remaining MBs of the internet from the front page of this app.

Usage Details on E-Care

The official portal of Zong E-Care is currently live and everyone can access it by creating a username and password. Basically “Corporate E-Care Portal” provides the full info about Zong Packages, Usage, and basic details of SIM. Here is what you have to do:

  • Click here and open Zong E-Care
  • Now set a username & password
  • Resolve the captcha or key of the menu
  • Now click on the “submit” button
  • You are successfully login
  • Check your data usage
E-Care Portal of Zong

This menu provides both data and minutes + SMS simultaneously for free. This is a link to Zong Weekly Pro 100GB package.

Official Agent Help

Those users who face any difficulty or network error while using Zong MB Check Code or app method, then your sim is blocked, or your Sim is facing any network issue. In such a case, you can dial the 310 code of the helpline and connect with an agent. Afterward, connection of the call asks him about network problems. Subsequently, you can also inquire about your balance from the agent because all details of Sim users currently show on the screen of the Zong helpline agent.

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