Zong Beep Call Service Unsubscribe Code 2024

Zong Beep Call Service Unsubscribe Code

Now it is possible to Unsubscribe Zong Beep Call Service by sending Unsub to 6226 code (for weekly). Moreover, if the beep service is activated for monthly usage then Send Unsub to 6229 for suceefully Zong Beep Call Service Unsubscribe.

Zong Beep Call Service enables its subscribers to generate miss calls to prepaid numbers at a fixed price. Yes! It is a good service that makes sure to deliver your miss call to other Zong numbers in seconds. We have discuss this service here in this article. In our daily routine life, we have to face such situations when our prepaid account shows an “insufficient balance” notification. In such a situation, we can’t make on-network or off-network calls.

But due to Zong Beep Call Service, you can generate a beep (miss call) to the prepaid number. So that miss call receiver will understand that you don’t have balance and he/she will call you back. This is a very good service and everyone appreciates this good service.

Beep Service Full Details

Activate Zong Beep Call Service and generate “miss calls” at your desired on-network and off-network numbers. This service is currently for prepaid users only. Hence, activate this service at the cost of 3 paise per beep.

You don’t need any to dial any activation code because this service works on all Zong SIM cards. Hence, what are you waiting for? If you don’t have balance, then generate a “miss call” or Beep Call and see the magic.

Service Name:Zong Beep Call
Type:Miss Calls
Charges:Rs 0.8 Per Beep

Stay Connected in Emergency

In an emergency when we need to call any same or other network number, but we don’t have a balance, or we already have got advance as well as for such situations this service is best. It informs the second number (call receiver) that we don’t have balance, that’s why we are generating miss calls. Hence, generate a beep call in case of emergency and stay connected.

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Service Benefits

We admit Zong Beep Call Service deducts Daily, Weekly, and Monthly charges. Besides this fact, it is also true that many benefits are provided to subscribers who use this service.

  • Always Stay Connected

With the help of Zong Beep Call Service. You will remain always stay connected with your friends even if you don’t have a balance in your account. Hence, don’t miss this service.

  • Save Your Balance

With the help of this service, you don’t need to call those people who always have call package on their number. Just generate a beep to their number and they will call you. This will save your balance for future use.

  • Easy To Generate

follow the steps mention at the start of this post to generate a beep. Thus, it is easy to generate a beep and even a kid can generate a beep. Now access this service on a prepaid number anytime you want.

Apna4G Conclusion

Every prepaid Zong user can generate a beep call at fix price. Hence, this service is a good step by the network officials. This service is a VAS Service and there are many other similar VAS Services of Zong. Those similar VAS Services charge few paisas and provide maximum benefits. Hence, visit the Zong Website to get details about such services. We also have mention the full method of the Zong Beep Service Unsubscribe Code above. That’s why, this is a complete article about this Beep Service.

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