6255 Number Ufone – Which Company Code is 6255?

Ufone Bakhabar Kissan Service code is 6255 Number Ufone. The network sends promotion SMS from 6255 Code or this service activates automatically 50% cases. You can block (unsubscribe) this service or end such type of promotion SMS using a prepaid Ufone SIM card in 2024.

4G network officials of 4G send promotion SMS through the 6255 code to those users who live near village areas so that they remain alert in case of any emergency related to fields.

That’s why, these messages contain basic details about fertilizers, water supply to fields, fruit picking, and the use of anti-worm chemicals to save fruits and vegetables from different types of decreases. It is a good service, however, many users don’t want to receive SMS from the 6255 code. That’s why; the simple solution “deactivation method” is present below.

6255 Number Ufone (Details)

Usually, the Ufone sends Bakhabar Kissan Service SMS to all prepaid users through the 6255 code. Moreover, many times it becomes irritating for many users and people want to get rid of these promotional Messages received from Ufone Bakhabar Kissan Service having 6255 Code.

Why I Recieve SMS/Call From 6255?

6255 Code belongs to Bakhabar Kissan Service of the Ufone network. Hence, only Ufone users will receive SMS from 6255. You can get rid of these promotion SMS by following the “Ufone Bakhabar Kissan Service / Ufone 6255 Service Unsubscribe” method present below.

Ufone Bkk Offer 6255

Unsubscribe Ufone Bakhabar Kissan

Follow these steps and unsubscribe from the Ufone Bakhabar Kissan Service to stop the promotion SMS you received from 6255 Code in the past:

  • Type unsub and send it to 6255
  • Ufone Bakhabar Kissan service will unsub
  • Done! Now you will never receive any SMS from 6255
Why is This Service Activate Without Activation?

Now many people are thinking “we never subscribe/activate a such type of Ufone service” on your prepaid number, then why this service has been activated? And now we need to deactivate it? The answer is very simple, in Pakistan the user doesn’t know the code or dial it anytime. Hence, as a result, such types of different Value Added Services without user knowledge cause balance deduction.

Final Words

Such type of packages automatically or with user mistake activates on prepaid SIM and cause continuous deduction of balance. Hence, the users dishearten and change his/her network. That’s why we suggest never dialing any code which is unknown. Because it may cause in the result of your balance loss.

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 “Comment below in case of any questions or queries. Or those users who want to get a reference about this info can visit Ufone BKK Offer to know the package subscription & unsubscribe code. In addition, you can suggest to us any changes which you want, we will definitely work on it”- thanks.

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