8583 KP Insaf Imdad Program Online Registration 2024

8583 KP Insaf Imdad Program Online Registration via SMS is now possible. Get 2000 Monthly from the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and live a good life with the support of the Imran Khan government.

Recently the PTI Government launched the “Ehsaas Program” in all provinces of Pakistan. Ehsaas program is working in KPK with the name of Insaf Imdad Program. Register in the database of the Insaf Imdad Program and get 2000 rupees every month.

On this page, we have given two methods (ONLINE & SMS) through which you can register your CNIC in Ehsaas (KP Insaf Imdad Program) database. In the same way, once you get register for this program your monthly fund will start automatically, and you will get rewarded to use the aid for necessities of your personal life.

8583 KP Insaf Imdad Program

Like all other provinces of Pakistan, the KPK (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) has inaugurated the “Insaf Imdad” program under the roof of the Ehsaas program. This is the same helping (monthly aid) program with the same amount of Rs 2000 for poor residents of KPK.

To register your name in the KPK Insaf Imdad program, you must have to be a resident of the KPK province. In addition, the resident must have the CNIC (ID card) to apply (register) for this program.

Methods To Apply (Register)

There are basically three methods through which you can apply for KP Insaf Imdad Program. All these 3 methods are valid for only KPK residents.

  • Apply through the SMS Method
  • Register via the Official Website
  • Apply through KP Insaf Imdad App

We have described all these 3 methods here (one by one) separately. Hence, read this full article and get the index (register) today to start your monthly 2000 government help.

Apply through the SMS Method

Follow these steps and send a message in this pattern via the number on which you received the KPK Government (Ehsaas) Insaf Imdad Program SMS. Furthermore, you just have to send an SMS to 8583 in the following format.

  • Type a new SMS
  • KP<space>Name<space>CNIC No
  • Type “KP (your name) CNIC Number”
  • For Example, KP Asim 173011123456
  • Send this message to the 8583 code
  • Congratulations! You are now register
8583 KP Insaf Imdad (SMS Trick)

The (example) image is given above so that you get an idea that “how to send the Imdad registration SMS” on 8583. However, there is also a website method that will help you. Let’s take a look at the 2nd method that is given below.

Register via the Official Website

There is also an official portal of the KPK Insaf Imdad Program that is giving the opportunity to apply (register) online via the given form. Hence, Just fill out the form with the exact details and click on submit button to get register today. Here is what you have to do:

  • Visit the official site from here
  • Now fill out the given info form
  • Provide your personal info
  • CNIC, Name, Marital Status
  • Age, Family Members, etc
  • Now submit the form
  • They will process your request
  • In a few days, you will receive an SMS
  • Congratulations! Get 2000 every month
official site

That’s all, these are those working methods that will definitely help you to register your CNIC & Name in this KPK program. Moreover, get the 2000 rupees to help every month non-stop.

Apply through KP Insaf Imdad App

To help the poor people, the government of KP and (the KP Information Technology Board) have launched a new app on the play store. Hence, that app has the ability to apply for the KP Insaf Imdad Program Online through a Registration process of this app.

  • Open play store
  • Search “KP Insaf Imdad”
  • Now download the green app
  • Install it & open the app
  • Insert your personal details
  • Name, CNIC & Mobile Number
  • Click on “Submit the application”
  • Done! You have applied for the Imdad
play store app

In addition, this app method is valid and works on 3G & 4G networks. Hence, download it today and register your name for free.

Get 2000 Every Month

According to the official announcement, the selected people will get 2000 every month via official sources (Ehsaas) or (KP Insaf Imdad) selected centers. Hence, don’t miss this golden chance and get government help today to make your financial conditions more stable.

Who is Eligible?

Besides full info, the question arises “who is really eligible for the KP Insaf Imdad program” and who will get register successfully to get the monthly aid? Basically, these people will get aid & can apply for this program.

  • You should be a KP resident
  • Your CNIC must be of the KPK region
  • Your monthly income must be minor
  • No additional property must be in your name
  • You must not register in another government program

These are five basic conditions that apply to each applicant while applying (online, via SMS, or via app) for the CM KP Insaf Imdad program.

8583 Number Details

Remember that whenever you receive an SMS from the 8583 code then realize that it is the official code CM KP Insaf Imdad program. Hence, those people who receive SMS or Calls from this number will easily register, and their application will be accepted by the CM KP Insaf Imdad program officials.

basic info

This number is allotted to the KPK government by the telecom industry, and only the officials send or receive SMS from the 8583 number. Hence, the 1st method to apply for this program is also associated with this number, SMS respectively.

Why this Aid is Distributed?

Keeping in view the huge destruction of COVID-19 and the loss of work of poor people, the KPK government has taken this great step. Thus, this aid is the result of this pandemic situation that has bound the Pakistan public to stay at home.

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Hence, you can get little help from this aid, and it will prove the cause of little calm in this dangerous situation. It is true that you will receive this help till the program remains active in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Insaf Imdad Conclusion

The final words of the author for the “KPK Insaf Imdad (Ehsaas) program” are the same as all other programs of Ehsaas. Hence, the PTI has launched the poor people helping service, and it proves very helpful for poor, disabled citizens. On the other hand, the PTI government has taken great steps for the welfare of women in recent 4 years. That’s why we appreciate programs such as Ehsaas & Imdad monthly help for all regions.

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If you like our writing skills and the method that we have given above to apply for the program, then please comment below and appreciate us. In addition, also comment below to get answers to your FAQs.

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