8696 Verification Code Pakistan – How To Verify WhatsApp

WhatsApp usually sends an authentication SMS to verify the phone number. Hence 8696 Verification Code is an account verification code.

To create a new account on WhatsApp, we have to add a phone number and the authorities verify the number by sending a code. This code automatically conforms to the number ownership and the user got access to a new account.

But in Pakistan for the last few years, a scam has been observed by PTA. Actually, fraud people install WhatsApp on their device and give an unknown number on their number section. Then they call on that number and ask the other common user to give the code. If the user gives the code to them, then they will make the account on your number and can misuse this service.

8696 Verification Code

Jazz network users often receive 8696 codes for WhatsApp account verification. On the other hand, if you don’t have to create an account or request for account creation, then it is a fake code that has been sent to your number due to fake users who give other people numbers to make an illegal account.

Two-Step Verification

Usually when you download & install WhatsApp on our device then we have to register our number by creating an account. WhatsApp usually uses a two-step verification method in which they verify the user.

Viral Scam Tricks

It’s our first priority to alert our viewers that frauds can insert your number in WhatsApp’s new account portal and can create a new account if you give them the code you receive via SMS. They can call you and ask that they are PTA authorities or WhatsApp officials and ask for the code. But always remind them that they are black sheep who are going to misuse your number.

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Other Codes

Users can receive different codes such as 8696, 4864, 2445, and others. These may be scam codes, hence we advise our viewers to delete such SMS containing any code of this type.

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