Advance Balance Code Of Jazz, Zong, Ufone, Telenor

Advance Balance / Loan Codes list for Jazz, Zong, Ufone, Warid and Telenor networks is present here on this page. Jazz *112# | Zong *911# | Ufone *456# | Telenor *0# respectively.

Are you facing low-balance notifications in the case of an emergency? No problem! Because here we have all networks tricks to avail loan in the situation of emergency. Hence, you will receive all network codes on one page. The post is going to be very informative.

Pakistani telecommunication networks have launched a new way to get loans. If you are facing an emergency situation and want to call on a number, then you can avail advance from PKR 15 to PKR 30. The emergency loan is provided differently in all networks.

Advance Balance Code

A loan code or Advance Balance Code is a simple code that enables a subscriber to receive a balance from network officials in the case of an emergency. However, in each network, the code is different. That’s why we have arranged this post in simple words having loan codes of all Pakistan telecommunication networks including Jazz, Zong, Ufone, Warid & Telenor.

Advance Balance Code Jazz

To get a loan in Jazz please dial the Jazz Advance Balance Code. Users must have to dial *112# to receive PKR 15 as an emergency loan. The subscribers have to pay PKR 15 + 3.50 Tax on the next recharge.

Service Name:Jazz Advance
Loan:PKR 15
Charges:PKR 3.50

Note: To Unsubscribe Jazz Advance Balance please dial *112*4# which will charge PKR 0.25.

Advance Balance Code Zong

To get PKR 20 rupees loan on Zong SIM please dial *911# which will charge PKR 3 including the tax on the next time the account is recharged.

Service Name:Zong Advance
Loan:PKR 20
Charges:PKR 3
UNSUB:Dial 310

Note: You can unsubscribe from the service by dialing the Zong helpline number.

Ufone Advance Loan

To take the advance balance in Ufone SIM the subscribers can dial *456# and receive PKR 20 as their emergency loan. On the next recharge, they have to pay back their loan price, including PKR 4.40.

Service Name:Ufone Advance
Loan:PKR 20
Charges:PKR 4.40
UNSUB:Dial 333

Note: To un-subscribe loan service on your Ufone SIM, please call on help center number.

Telenor Advance Loan

Telenor advance loan code is *0# only. Just dial the code and get your 15 rupees loan in the low charges of PKR 3.5 only.

Service Name:Telenor Advance
Loan:PKR 15
Charges:PKR 3.5
UNSUB:Dial 1700

Note: Service Un-subscription is only possible by dialing the helpline number.

Warid Advance Loan

On Warid SIM, take advance by dialing *112# for the loan of PKR 15. The charges to use this service are PKR 3.5 only.

Service Name:Warid Advance
Loan:PKR 15
Charges:PKR 3.5
UNSUB:Dial 321

Apna4G Conclusion

Finally, I just have to conclude from the whole discussion that these services are best for all networks. Whether you use Jazz, Zong, Ufone, Warid, or Telenor the loan service is available. Hence, take advantage of the loan service in emergency situations.

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