Zong Advance Balance Code 2024

If you are a prepaid user and out of balance. Dial Zong Advance Balance Code *911# to get 30 Rupees loan. You can get twice loan via this code.

Loan service is a perfect customer care service by Zong 4G. Here you can easily get Rs 30 loan (advance) in case of need. Hence, by just dialing a simple code, avail single or double loan. Such types of services are increasing Zong number of users gradually.

Hence, don’t be worried while facing any shortage of money & facing urgent work because Zong takes care of its customers in all circumstances. Let’s see the benefits of *911# code.

Zong Advance Balance Code

Prepaid Zong users just dial *911# and the company will automatically transfer the advance amount into your account. In case you have already taken the advance loan, then you can again dial this code because this code works twice.

This amount will be usable for calling, sending SMS, and browsing the internet. But all standard taxes may apply. Here we have described full details below:

Process Name:Zong Advance
Advance:Rs 30
Charges:Rs 3.5+Tax
Availability:2 Times
Loan Code:*911#
Loan via SMS:Send Blank
SMS To 911
Limitation:Prepaid Customers

Why Loan Service is Necessary?

Such a type of customer care service is considered very important for all users. Humans can face any type of difficulty at any time. Sometimes he is aware of the problem & it becomes easy to handle.

How To get Zong Advance Balance

Many times we are not aware of upcoming problems, and we have to suffer from such type of sudden emergency. That’s why these types of minor services proved to be very useful in this nature of situations.

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Apna4G Final Words

As all of us are unknown in the future. Anything can happen in the coming moments. That’s why in such a case of emergency when users do not have enough balance to connect with their relatives, we have a solution. Dial Zong Advance Balance Code and receive a loan and remain safe. That’s why Zong always remains with its users. Get your loan and after 1st recharge company will deduct the loan price + Rs 3 charges only. Click Here For Official Website Details & FaQs.

How many times I can take Zong Advance Balance (loan)?

You can take Zong Advance twice for 2 times. Hence, Rs 30 + Rs 30 = 60 Rupees loan is possible.

How much did the advance loan customer get?

The customer will get Rs 30 advance loan.

What charges will the company deduct from the customer account?

The company will deduct Rs 3.5+Tax when customers recharge account after receiving a loan.

Who can avail of this service?

All prepaid users can avail of this service 24/7.

What are Zong Advance Balance tax details?

You have to pay Advance Income Tax 12.5% & General Sales Tax 19.5% every time you recharge SIM card.

Is there any time limit to avail of this service?

No, you can easily avail of this service anytime according to your desire.

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