BISP Registration Online 2024 | Benazir Income Support Program

You can Register in Benazir Income Support Programme 2024 with “BISP Registration Online” and receive 14000 monthly free. This program has been initiated by the government of PPP (Pakistan People Party) under the name of the former party chairman. However, now it is considered the top fund providing service to Pakistani poor people.

Today we are going to describe the online method to register your CNIC in the BISP database. Hence, this process is very short and easy to understand. Once you read our whole article as a result you will be able to apply for BISP 12000.

There is no master trick that you need to perform. Therefore, you just have to follow simple steps and have to download different forums through the given links and fill each of them with correct details. Let’s start our article without any delay and see the registration method step by step.

BISP Registration Online

There is only one official website of BISP that provides the application form to apply for BISP registration. Here are the steps to download the forums & register your CNIC on BISE:

BISP Registration Online – Step 1

Please visit the official website and click on the tab download.

BISP Registration Online Step 1

Step 2

Now click on “Forms Download” which will lead you to the next tab.

Step 2 Form Download

Step 3

A total of 3 forums is available on BISP’s official website > Downloads > Forms Download. You have to download all these 3 forums:

  • Intruder Performa
  • Power of Attorney
  • Witness Performa
BISP Registration Online (3 Forms)

(Fill BISP Forms)

Now you have downloaded 3 different forms into your device. These are the application forms and you have to fill these forms with details. Therefore, here we have described a method to fill these forms in short form.

Intruder Performa

The first form which is “Intruder Perform” is about the personal information & details of the applicant. In this form, you have to provide your name, father’s name, CNIC number & city name.

Intruder Performa Form

Furthermore, you have to provide your family members’ details in the sections given on that form. In addition, provide the applicant’s signature/thumb including 2 witness names + CNIC numbers. You also have to attest to this form (from a government officer).

Power of Attorney

The second form is “Power of Attorney” and it also includes the whole details of the applicant including signature and CNIC number. Moreover, in case of any wrong details, the government has the authority to take action against the applicant.

BISP Registration Online (Power of Attorney)

Witness Performa

The last form is “Tasdeek Nama” which includes the 2 witness signatures and CNIC number. Accordingly, all these forms are filled out by the applicant just to confirm whether the applicant is needy or he is just a fraud.

BISP Registration Online (Witness Performa)

Mail Forms

In the end, when you have successfully downloaded & filled these forms, then please mail them to the official Nadra address. Hence, you can mail it to NADRA Headquarters, Islamabad, Pakistan.

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You will receive, 12000 from the Benazir income support program. However, this fun may increase because people don’t receive it for many months and once they receive the whole money.

Apna4G Conclusion

We have tried our best to describe the complete method to app for “BISP Registration Online” with step-by-step guide. However, if you still have any questions then please comment below, and I’ll try my best to solve your problem. Remember that the government has the authority to terminate this “aid program” anytime, however, still, it is working and women are getting money from the BISP program.

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