How To Check Matric & Inter Result by SMS in 2023

Check Matric & Inter Result via SMS in 2023 for free with nationwide all boards (Metric & Inter) mutual result system. Yes! Now you can inquire about your Matriculation and Intermediate (11 & 12) arts (F.A, I.C.S & i.Com) & science classes (F.S.C pre-medical & F.S.C pre-engineering) results through SMS and online system.

We mention here all possible methods through which you can inquire (check) your result in a few seconds. All these methods are 100% authentic and were launched officially by the officials of BISE (Pakistan).

Basically in Pakistan, a special six (6) digits code (roll number) is allotted every year to every single candidate. Hence plenty of such roll numbers are generated and allotted to each student that is used as an identity for that student. You just have to use the roll number to inquire about the result

Check Matric & Inter Result via SMS

Send your (metric or inter) roll number to 9818 and Check the Result via SMS. Each SMS will charge Rs 1/tax and your complete result details including total & obtained marks will be present on the received SMS.

This is an all-in-one code for all Boards (BISE) for (Metric & Inter) classes in Pakistan. However, a separate code for each board has been recently launched by the “Education Department of Pakistan” for SMS inquiries. We have mentioned each code with its details below.

Boards Result Code

There are a total of 9 boards in Pakistan that conduct the annual (board) examinations of (private & government) institutes of the whole country. Hence many times the 9818 code becomes very busy and the result reply comes after a delay.

That’s why here we have a few codes to check your annual board result. These codes are separated according to the board names. Hence just choose your board code and send your roll number on that number to get the result in Rs 1/+tax.


Inter & Metric Board:Result Code:
Lahore Board:80092
Faisalabad Board:800240
Sargodha Board:800290
Sahiwal Board:800292
Multan Board:800293
DG Khan Board:800295
Rawalpindi Board:800296
Bahawalpur Board:800298
Gujranwala Board:800299

Lahore Board Result (SMS & Online)

To Check Matric & Inter Result from the “Lahore Board” you have to follow the following steps. Remember that there are two methods through which you can inquire about results from the Lahore board. 1st method is the SMS trick and 2nd method is to inquire (check) the result is to use the “online site” and from the internet. We have mentioned both methods here.

SMS Trick

Type SMS in the following format and get the Lahore board result in a few seconds with the charges of Rs 1/+tax.

  • Type your roll number in the SMS
  • Send the roll number on 80092
  • In a few seconds, you will receive the result
  • It is 100% working for BISE Lahore students
Online Trick

Here is the second method to Check Matric & Inter Result which you have to visit the official portal of “Lahore Board” and click on the “ONLINE RESULTS” tab present on the front page. Now a new tab opens which you have to fill via these steps:

  • Open the Lahore Board portal
  • Now select “Metric or Inter”
  • Enter your “Roll Number”
  • Select the “Exam Type”
  • It’s time to select “YEAR”
  • Click on “View Result”
Check Result via SMS (lah)

That’s it, complete details about your result including name & class (passing year) and subjects total & obtain marks will come on next page.

Faisalabad Board Result (SMS & Online)

In this board, there are also 2 methods that are widely used by students to inquire about their results. Both methods with full details & info are given below.

SMS Method

Students of Faisalabad (9, 10, 11 & 12) send their roll number on the 800240 code. This will automatically send you a reply including your updated result.

  • Type Faisalabad Board “roll number”
  • Now send this roll number to 800240
  • Your result will come via SMS and it cost Rs 1
  • Hence all Faisalabdi students follow this command
Online Method

Open the Faisalabad board official website and click on the “Result” tab and follow the given instructions that are present below:

  • Visit the Faisalabad board official website
  • Now click on the “Result” tab
  • Select “Exam Session”
  • Enter “Roll Number”
  • Click “Get Result”
Check Result via SMS (fsl)

It is an easy and working trick that officially updates the result of board classes on the day of the “result announcement” and you can simply get your result for free from the online portal.

Sargodha Board Result (SMS & Online)

This board also supported 2 methods that give results through the “SMS method” and “Online trick”. We have described both tricks below with images and step-by-step descriptions:

SMS Trick

Here is again an SMS method and it is different from all other SMS codes. What you have to do is given below:

  • Type roll number
  • Send it to 800290
  • Sargodha result will come
  • Both inter & metric students can use
Online Trick

Like all other boards, the Sargodha board also has its own website that is working day & night and updates the data of students (results) on yearly basis.

  • Click on the image given below
  • Hence open the board site
  • Now click “Online Results”
  • Select the result “Inter or Matric”
  • Select the exam “Year”
  • Now select “Annual or Supply”
  • Now search by “Roll num or Name or institute”
  • Search and print your result
Check Result via SMS (sar)

Here click on the picture and get your result from the online portal in a few seconds for free.

Sahiwal Board Result (SMS & Online)

For Sahiwal Board Result follow the given methods of your choice and get the result (supplementary & annual) according to exam year.

SMS Method
  • Type your roll number
  • Send it to 800292 code
  • Done! Your result is here
  • The total charge is Rs 1/+Tax
Online Method
  • Open portal via image
  • Now insert all details
  • Click on inquire result
  • Done! Result is here
Check Result via SMS (sahi)

This image is the direct link to the official site of BISE Sahiwal. It is an all-in-one portal for all the cities & minor areas that are connected with this board.

Multan Board Result (SMS & Online)

BISE Multan is an important BISE. You can follow these methods via SMS or online and get your result today in Multan and related cities.

SMS Trick
  • Type your roll number
  • Send it to 800293 code
  • Get full info in reply
Online Trick
  • Open the Multan BISE website by clicking on the image given below
  • Now click on “Exam & Results” and select your class from (9, 10, 11 & 12)
  • Students type his/her roll number and click on “select one” to enter the year
  • At the end click on the “submit” button and get your result for free
Multan board check

This method applies to all those students who are directly connected with BISE Multan and their results will absolutely mention on this portal.

DG Khan Board Result (SMS & Online)

For SMS Result send the roll number on 800295 and get it via SMS.

For online results click on the image given below and get results from the internet portal.

DG Khan Board Check

Rawalpindi Board Result (SMS & Online)

Send an SMS with the roll number on the 800296 code and get Rawalpindi Board Result through SMS.

On the other hand for internet results, you can click on the official image given below and enter the roll number to check it from the net.

Rawalpindi check

Bahawalpur Board Result (SMS & Online)

Here is the code 800298 to receive “Bahawalpur Board Result” just send your roll number to this number.

This image belongs to Bahawalpur Board and it gives the result via an online portal.

Bahawalpur check

Gujranwala Board Result (SMS & Online)

Finally, here we have Gujranwala Board. Its code is 800299 and it gives results when you send the roll number on it.

For Online checking, you can click on the image given below and get the online portal result in a few seconds.

Gujranwala check

In the end, we just want to congratulate all dear students of Pakistan’s different institutes because they are now able to check the results of any board via this authentic page. Now you can send money from JazzCash to Easypaisa from here. Hence bookmark us and get the exact result details from our detailed page. For additional info please comment below.

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