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Pakistani citizens who have successfully got the Covid-19 vaccine can get the Vaccination Certificate from the official Nims Nadra Gov PK website. In this article, we have described step by method to get your “proof of Covid-19 vaccine dose”. Hence stay connected with us for a quick and easy trick.

The Pakistani government has initiated an official page of Nims Nadra Gov PK site. Through which you can get whole information about your vaccination free. You just have to log in to that page with your I.D card number. Fill in some basic details and then download your certificate.

This certificate is very beneficial for those Pakistani citizens who want to travel internationally. Hence this certificate is considered a compulsory part while traveling from one country to another. In addition, it is proof that you are Covid-19 free and fully protested due to vaccination. You can get more info by dialing Covid-19 Nadra Helpline free.

Vaccination Certificate

The government is uploading the details of all vaccinated citizens with special certificates on the official government database. Moreover, this certificate will be very important for everyone. That’s why it is important to know how you can download this certificate while sitting home.

Visit nims nadra gov pk and log in by entering your I.D Card number with its issuance date.

Vaccination Certificate

 2nd Step (Personal Info)

In step 2 you have to enter your I.D Card Number, Name, Passport Number (if have) & Nationality.

Personal Details

3rd Step (Pay & Download)

Now there are five basic pages in step 3. You have to fill each step with care and details.

  • Accept “terms & conditions” for vaccination certificate with “accept & continue” button.
  • Add the payment method through which you have to pay the certificate fee (compulsory).
  • Download your payment receipt (proof of your paid amount to the website).
  • Take a look on full provided details to ensure that provided details are correct.
  • Click on download button to get your Vaccination Certificate.
Free Download

Covid-19 Certificate Benefits

Basic benefit that is going to have on the citizen’s health because this vaccine will save the Pakistani citizen from the dangerous Coronavirus. On the other hand when the citizen wants to go abroad then he must have this certificate. Hence it is compulsory as a visa and ticket require this certificate to be shown at the airport.

Apna4G Conclusion

Remain safe in this critical situation of the corona pandemic and get your vaccination dose today if you are still un-vaccinated. Apna4G has updated the complete procedure to download the vaccine certificate. However, you can get more info at their official website.

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