Ufone Call & SMS History Check Online For Free 2023

Ufone Call & SMS History Check Online For Free of any prepaid and postpaid number. There are three methods that can help you to check the minute’s usage (call history) of any Ufone number.

Ufone provides the history of a postpaid or prepaid SIM to only the owner of that SIM. Hence those people who want to get any SIM history must have the original SIM and the owner’s permission to check it.

We have described three different methods of which two are internet-checking history methods and one build-in method that doesn’t require the internet.

Ufone Call & SMS History

To Check Ufone Call History you can use the “Official App” or “Ufone Website” and the last “Mobile Settings” history check. We have described these methods with step-by-step guidance.

Always remember that all these three methods are free. You don’t need any balance or load to inquire about your call history. Check all these methods below:

  • Mobile Settings (History)
  • Ufone App History Trick
  • Official Website History

Check Through Settings

First of all, unlock your smartphone and open the settings. Now click on “call settings” present in this row. In this tab, you have to look for the usage portion. This portion will give you details about last time’s call duration, weekly call duration, and monthly call duration. Hence you can easily get hints about long or short call history. This check method doesn’t need any internet or balance. That’s why it is the best trick to track the details.

Ufone App Inquiry

Call history is also possible to check through the “Ufone App” feature. Here you just have to download and install the “Ufone App” from the play store. Once you have successfully installed this app on your mobile then open it. On the first installation, the network will inquire about your SIM number. Provide your UFONE number and register it on the app. Now click on the profile tab. Create your profile and log in to your profile. On the front page, you will be able to see your SMS & Call history. Get details about Ufone Mini-Card 330 from here.

Official Website Login

The above account that you create on the “Ufone App” is also accessible through the official (self-care login) on the Ufone website. Just visit the website and login into your profile through the user profile tab. You can check call history through this internet method.

Final Words

Checking the history is case-sensitive. That’s why we don’t recommend you check the call history however the network has banned us to check the history of other numbers. it is the main reason you can check the call history of your number only.

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