Jazz Daily Mega Offer Subscribe Code 2024

Jazz Daily Mega Offer comes with an incredible Internet Package having 1 GB 3G/4G data for 24 hours for 69 rupees. The code and details are given below.

All those Jazz subscribers who want to get maximum data for one day at a low price can enjoy this package. This internet package has a validity of only 24 hours and it also charges only Rs 69.

At this low price, Jazz subscribers can enjoy the whole day’s fastest speed of 4G towers in whole Pakistan. Let’s take a look at the complete description of this daily-based internet package.

Jazz Daily Mega Offer

The latest Jazz Daily Mega Offer is a 24-hour valid one-day data package. This 3G/4G internet package comes with the fastest 1000 MBs (1GB) internet. The price of this internet package is 69 rupees.

However, it is important to highlight that this 1 GB will only work for one day after subscription and there is no restriction to subscribe to the offer at any time of the day or night.

1 Day Mega Internet

Dial *117*4# and activate Jazz Daily Mega Offer. On subscribing to this daily internet bundle you will receive 1000 MBs (1 GB) for 24 hours. To check the remaining MBs please dial *117*4*2# and know how many MBs are still present in your data account.

Offer Details:

Offer Name:Daily Mega
Data:1 GB
Price:Rs 69
Validity:24 Hours
Check Code:*117*4*2#

Note: Data bundle will end automatically after expiry.

Experience 4G Speed

All of us know that Jazz has the fastest speed in the whole of Pakistan. Due to an unlimited number of 4G towers, the internet speed of Mobilink is non-competitive. If you don’t believe then activate this bundle and try it once in your life. Get details about Jazz Cash Free Incentives from this link.

Terms & Conditions
  • Internet offer is non-recursive.
  • Internet MBs can be used on 2G/3G/4G devices.
  • Over-usage of internet MBs will deduct an extra balance.
  • Click here for more details INFO & FAQs.
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