Check Ufone SIM Owner Name Via SMS 2023

It has now become possible to Check Ufone SIM Owner Name and owner CNIC number via SMS. Yes! Ufone users can get SIM info and SIM registration details including (owner name, CNIC number) and activation date at low charges.

Do you want to know the SIM registration details? Or you don’t remember that Ufone SIM is registered on whose name & CNIC? All these questions can easily be getting answered with a simple SMS trick.

We have described that trick with its basic features, price, and code here for you. In addition, we also have given those possible methods that can insist you in case of any difficulty. Keep reading and check the 100% working method.

Check Ufone SIM Owner Name

Now only the name but the owner’s CNIC number & SIM Activation date is also possible to check via this trick.

You just have to follow these steps and inquire about all details:

  • Type a new message
  • Type “MNP” in the new SMS
  • Now send this SMS to 667
  • Wait for Ufone’s official reply
  • Yes! here we have the information

Basic Info:

Check MethodSend MNP
to 667
Official Price:Rs 2

This info basically contains a quick SMS reply having a lot of SIM abbreviations. Hence below in the remaining part of our article, we have described the exact meaning of these abbreviations that have been made by “Ufone” officials.

MNP 667 Details

When we send SMS “MNP” to 667 the message we receive usually comes in the following format. We have given its imaginary example to guide you.

  • MSISDN: 033xxxxxxxxx
  • NAME: Muhammad Khan
  • CNIC: 36302-xxxxxxx-1
  • ACTIVATION DATE: 24-5-20xx

All-in-1 Method

This SMS method is an all-in-one method that helps us to get info about Ufone SIM, its owner name, Owner CNIC and activation date. Hence at minimum charges, you can access your basic info. Ufone Monthly Unlimited WhatsApp bundles are given here.

Terms & Conditions

  • It is a prepaid service
  • Available via SMS only
  • Never give your SIM to other
  • Don’t allow unknown people to check
  • Get full info about this service from this link

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