Ufone Social Packages | Daily, Weekly, Monthly 2024

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly latest 2024 Ufone Social Packages are present here with their price and codes. Let’s see the best new packages and enjoy video streaming, socializing, and other public-use apps.

With the addition of new technology (features) in social media apps, the number of users has become double on such apps. That’s why the prepaid SIM users of Ufone cards are searching for the latest social media packages on the internet.

All other portals are providing the old packages and the prices of those buckets are also now changed. That’s why; Apna4G has decided to update the latest “Ufone Social Packages” in 2024. These Ufone social packages are divided into daily, weekly, and monthly validity respectively.

Ufone Social Packages

There are 2 packages in Ufone Daily Social Media offers. On the other hand, Ufone gives 3 packages for weekly social media usage. For monthly usage, the users can activate any bucket from the given 3 offers.

Affordable social packages price is the basic quality of Ufone which is unbeatable. This is the main reason, all those social media lovers who need to access social media daily have converted their SIM card (network) to Ufone. Because it provides the cheapest Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Social Media Packages.

Ufone Social Packages (Daily)

In Ufone, the Daily Social Packages come in 2 variants, e.g. (Daily Light & Daily WhatsApp offer) respectively. Let’s see the details, price, codes, and other basic details from the given description:

Daily WhatsApp

Dial *987# and activate Ufone Daily WhatsApp offers to get 100 MBs for WhatsApp. This package is available for 1.50 rupees only.

Offer Name:Daily WhatsApp
Data:100 MBs
Validity:1 Day
Price:Rs 1.50
Subscribe Code:*987#

Note: 100 MBs will only access WhatsApp.

Daily Light

If you are using the Ufone prepaid SIM card, then you must have basic information about this wonderful social package. Yes! Dial *2256# to activate Ufone Daily Light Offer to get 1GB for 14 rupees. In addition, the user will get 40MBs of plain data for browsing also.

Offer Name:Daily Light
Validity:1 Day
Price:Rs 14
Subscribe Code:*2256#

Note: You can use YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Line via (1GB) 1000 MBs.

Ufone Social Packages (Weekly)

Do you want to use social media (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Line, IMO, YouTube) and other apps on Ufone for 7 days at an affordable price? If yes! Then take a look at these 3 buckets that are “Ufone Weekly Social packages” valid for 7 days.

TikTok Weekly Offer

1st package is for the TikTok video app. You can access all the videos on TikTok. Like those videos, comment, and share through Ufone TikTok Weekly Offer. Dial *2345# to activate Ufone TikTok Weekly Offer for 70 rupees. This package provides 1.5GB for TikTok App only.

Offer Name:Weekly TikTok
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 70
Subscribe Code:*2345#

Note: You can use YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Line via (1GB) 1000 MBs.

SnackVideo Weekly Offer

Dial *265# and get 2.5GB for SNACKVIDEO App. This offer also charges 70 rupees and works for 7 days non-stop on HD+ Snack App videos.

Offer Name:Weekly SnackVideo
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 70
Subscribe Code:*265#

YouTube Weekly Offer

Do you want to watch movies or listen to songs on YouTube? Activate Ufone YouTube Weekly Offer and get 5GB data for YouTube App for 120 rupees. Dial *5883# to activate this bucket.

Offer Name:Weekly YouTube
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 120
Subscribe Code:*5883#

Ufone Social Packages (Monthly)

Finally, here we have Monthly Ufone Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and WhatsApp (All Social) packages at affordable prices. Let’s see the buckets in ascending order from the given description:

Monthly WhatsApp

Dial *987# to activate 6GB Monthly WhatsApp for 60 rupees. This bucket is best for those who want to see the status of friends, chat with friends and start audio + video calls.

Offer Name:Monthly WhatsApp
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 60
Subscribe Code:*987#

Social Monthly

Get 1GB for WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter for 30 days by activating the Ufone Social Monthly Offer. Here, the details are presented below:

Offer Name:Social Monthly
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 75
Subscribe Code:*5858#

Monthly Facebook

The last (Ufone Monthly Social Package) is a 6GB Monthly Facebook Offer. This package comes with 6000 FB MBs for 100 rupees. The activation code of this offer is *987# for prepaid users.

Offer Name:Monthly Facebook
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 100
Subscribe Code:*987#

3G/4G MBs For Social Media

All these packages that are present above give 3G and 4G social media MBs. That’s why the given packages are also known as Ufone 3G/4G offers.

Check The Remaining MBs

To check the remaining MBs of any daily, weekly, or monthly social package you have to use the Ufone App. Yes! The front page of that app gives details (current condition) of subscribing packages. This method is also free and never charges even a single paisa on MBs inquiry.

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Apna4G Conclusion

As a telecom packages expert, I suggest our dear visitors who want to activate the internet package just for social media apps and not for browsing. For such users, I suggest activating any social media package from the given list (present above) because these packages are cheap and give maximum data for social media apps.