Ehsaas Petrol Card Online Registration 2024 | How To Apply?

The government of Pakistan recently launched Ehsaas Petrol Card for bikers to get petrol at a subsidy (half) price in 2024 from selected pumps. Yes! It looks very impressive and the full detail that has been instructed in the official announcement is mentioned here. Hence, read the full article on this page to get the exact info.

We also have given below the Ehsaas Petrol Card 2024 Registration method through which you can apply for a petrol card online (while sitting at home) by using the internet.

Hence, fasten your seat belts because the Government of Pakistan is going to rock you in a few days. All those bikers having low income can apply for this “petrol card” online.

Ehsaas Petrol Card 2024

Basically, on January 28 government officials announced the launch of this card. That’s why we currently know a few facts and terms about this card. However, we have tried our best to explain all the vital info about petrol cards here on this page.

We have given the eligibility criteria, petrol card balance to give to discount, how many times you can use the petrol card, which petrol pumps will support Ehsaas petrol card and what is the expiry of this card. All these questions are answered below.

Ehsaas Petrol Card Registration

You can only apply for a petrol card via the official website of Ehsaas. On the other hand, the officials will make a special page or link that will directly redirect you to apply for a petrol card. However, for now, you can only wait till the next announcement from the government. Or visit the official Ehsaas page regularly because in a few coming days, they will launch a registration tab on Ehsaas.

That’s why the given above link will redirect you to the Ehsaas page. Just visit it and check whether the officials have launched the “register tab” or still it is under construction.

Eligibility For Card

The eligibility criteria are still unknown but according to the official news, they will only provide the subsidy card to deserving people. Hence, only poor bikers will be able to get the card after a successful registration.

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On the other hand, we know that Imran Khan’s other card registration is possible according to the Ehsaas Kafalat registration database. Hence, it is possible that a petrol card may be issued. After verifying (checking) the status of the applicant from the Ehsaas Kafalat database.

Supported Petrol Pumps

Only selected petrol pups will provide subsidies on a fixed range of fuel filling. Hence, always fill your bike with petrol pumps. That comes under the fuel card list. It will cost you less amount and every day you will receive a discount from government officials.

Current Rate & Discount

Everyone knows that the current petrol rate is 147 per liter. But after the card subsidy, the rate will be applied excluding government taxes. Hence, the subsidy rate will directly affect the rate and the user will receive relief on each liter of fuel.

Apna4G Final Words

We just want to appreciate the golden step of PM Imran and the PTI government. It will prove very helpful to those poor fellows who face a shortage of money while filling the fuel at stations. That’s why got your card today and remain calm while filling the petrol in your bike.

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