Free 2G FUP Ufone 51200 – Subscribe & Unsubscribe 2024

Free 2G FUP Ufone 51200 means that Ufone has set a special Fair Usage Policy on its all packages including daily, weekly, or monthly (Call, SMS, and Internet) packages.

Yes! Whether you subscribe to a fixed amount bundle or unlimited package on Ufone. Still, your package will follow specific “terms & conditions” criteria, according to which Free 2G FUP Ufone 51200 is compulsory.

There are numerous packages in Ufone that come with unlimited data, SMS, and Calling minutes for a fixed validity. Such packages really have unlimited (SMS, MBs & Minutes) but at the peak level of their usage, the number of incentives becomes fixed according to this act.

Free 2G FUP Ufone 51200

Do you have activated any unlimited package on your prepaid or postpaid SIM? If yes! Then remember that your unlimited bucket work according to a term usually named Free 2G FUP Ufone 51200.

There is no validity time for unlimited packages in Ufone. These bundles come in all types of validity (duration). We have many 1 day packages that have unlimited SMS, MBs, or Minutes. Same weekly and monthly packages also have unlimited incentives. For such buckets, this policy applies.

Fair Usage Policy

To avoid users from extra usage of incentives, the FUP (Fair Usage Policy) is implemented automatically. Hence, each package having unlimited incentives till expiry has a FUP value given in its terms & condition section below the package description. Get details about Ufone UTrack (location finder) from here.

How To Subscribe Service?

The 2G FUP subscription is only possible with the activation of any Ufone prepaid or postpaid package. When you activate an unlimited daily, weekly, monthly, or 6-month bundle. Then the following 51200 service automatically subscribes with that (SMS, Call & Internet) bundle activation.

How To Unsubscribe?

Those prepaid and postpaid users always remain in the search of the “51200 services Unsubscribe” code. They get the fact that the deactivation of this policy automatically works with the expiry of the bucket. When your Call, SMS, or Internet package expires, then the following service also expires (unsubscribe) with it.

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