New & Fresh Currency Notes For Eid 2024 (Updated)

How To Get New Currency Notes in Pakistan? Get Fresh Currency Notes On Eid-ul-Fitr by sending your CNIC Number + Bank Branch Code to 8877 code. This is a quick SMS service that has been introduced by Pakistan Banks Association (PBA) to assist those people who want to get new currency notes on Eid.

This is the holy month of Ramadan and after a few days, we will celebrate Eid. Hence, people start preparing for Eid before the start of Ramadan. On the day of Eid, new currency notes are consider as the 1st priority to give “Eidi” to our loved ones.

Hence, the government of Pakistan and the bank’s association have kept this need of the Pakistani people on priority and have launched a special code 8877. That will help you to get new currency notes on a special occasion.

New Currency Notes in Pakistan

Eid is the day of happiness and elders give new currency notes to kids, girls, and youngsters. It has become a tradition and everyone try to follow this culture on Eid day.

But here the question arises, how we can get new notes? Or from where the new currency notes are generated and handover to the public. We have answered all these questions below for our dear visitors.

Sources To getting New Notes

Whenever you need to get new notes, then you can follow a few steps and get the notes without any problem. Here are the sources that provide new notes:

  • SBP (State Bank of Pakistan)
  • All Banks Branches (local banks)
  • Shopkeeper’s New Notes (on profit)

Here the main difference is profit rate. The SBP charges minor profit on new notes, and you can get new currency without any tension. On the other hand, the local branches of banks charge more profit. And such branches also limit the number of notes per person.

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In the end, you can also buy fresh currency notes from shopkeepers. These shopkeepers buy fresh notes from banks and further sell them on a high-profit margin. This is a most used trick in Pakistan because in the shopkeeper trick you don’t have to stand in a queue.

Urdu Description of SMS Trick

Here the Urdu description of the SMS method is given. All those users who want to read the “easy method to get fresh notes” in Pakistan via SMS trick can get info from this picture. Full details including helpline and SMS method are mention in this trick.

8877 SMS trick
What I Should Do To Get Notes From SBP?

State Bank of Pakistan receives the CNIC Number and Branch ID Number of the account holder who wants fresh notes via SMS. Then SBP (State Bank) sends 3 packets of Rs 10 (bundle), 2 copies of Rs 20 (bundle), and 1 bundle of Rs 50 and Rs 100 to each SMS sender. Hence Send an SMS with your CNIC + Branch ID and receive the mentioned amount of fresh notes from your nearest branch.

  • Type your CNIC Number, for example 36202-0000000-0
  • After CNIC, give a space and type Bank branch ID Num 23xxxxx
  • Now send this SMS to SBP official code 8877 and wait till the response

Note: this SMS code charge Rs 3 and one CNIC holder can send 1 SMS.