Block Lost / Stolen Mobile Phone in Pakistan Using IMEI Number

How To Block Lost / Stolen Mobile Phone with IMEI Number in Pakistan. PTA allow you to block your phone that is lost in any incident from you. It is very simple, and we have describe here step-by-step guide that was make public from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

In Pakistan, the snatching of mobile has become a common trend. That’s why, PTA has introduce a new technology that will enable the users to block their lost / stolen / snatched mobile phones using the IMEI number of that phone.

Hence, we suggest our dear visitors to always keep their mobile phone IMEI number noted on a piece of paper. Or write it on any safe place so that in future this IMEI number may help you.

Block Lost / Stolen Mobile Phone

Is your mobile phone lost, and you want to block it so that no one can use it illegal against you? If yes! Then here we have mention a proper guide that can give you authority to report & block your lost phone in Pakistan.

Official telecom authorities of Pakistan have made it clear that you have to fill a form and request the PTA to block the specific IMEI. Let’s see how it works.

Complaint Management System

Follow these steps that are given below and provide your basic details according to mention pattern to block your lost / stolen mobile through PTA Complaint System.


Block Lost / Stolen Mobile Phone

There are 2 complaint forms and you have to fill both. 1st of all, provide your Full Name:

Block Lost / Stolen Mobile Phone Name

Enter your CNIC (ID Card) Number

Block Lost / Stolen Mobile Phone Cnic

Provide your contact number (that is always reachable)

Block Lost / Stolen Mobile Phone Contact

Provide your Email Address

Block Lost / Stolen Mobile Phone Email

Select your city (where you live)

Block Lost / Stolen Mobile Phone City

Type your postal address

Block Lost / Stolen Mobile Phone Address

Now start filling complaint no 2 form and select Stolen Mobile Handset / IMEI Related Complaint

Block Lost / Stolen Mobile Phone Type

Now select “blocking” in request nature type (in case you want to unblock your mobile, select unblocking)

Block Lost / Stolen Mobile Phone Nature

Describe your complaint in your own words in “complaint summary” section

How To Block Mobile summary

Provide your mobile IMEI number according to its slot 1, 2, 3 and 4 respectively

How To Block Mobile slot

Now enter the Last Number in Handset (Slot 1) and in other slots 2, 3 and 4

Number SIM

Enter the company / brand name of your mobile


Enter the model of your mobile


Provide the color name of your lost / stolen mobile


Select reason for blocking (Snatched, Stolen or Missing)


Enter the incident date when you lost mobile


Select the option Yes or No (to inform the police)

yes or no

Generate OPT and enter the code you receive


At the end, mark the terms & conditions section and click on “Register Complaint” button

terms and conditions

Your complaint is successfully summited and in few hours the process will take place and your stolen / lost mobile phone will automatically block from PTA. And no one will be able to use mobile, furthermore.

Check Complaint Status

You can check the status of your lost / stolen mobile contain through the link to check complaint status. Follow these steps and enter your Complaint Reference Number to check status of your complaint:


status check

Enter your complaint reference number and click on “submit” button

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Block & Unblock Terms & Conditions

PTA has clearly mention all terms and conditions to block and unblock a mobile from official portal. Here we have mention the Urdu description through this picture to understand these terms and conditions.

Urdu details

That’s it, it was easy, and you can block and unblock lost / stolen / missing mobile in Pakistan while sitting from home. Because the online technology and great step taken by PTA has made it possible for all of us.

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