How To Cancel Etisalat Subscription (Step by Step)

Here is How To Cancel Etisalat Subscription with easy step by step guide. Do you live in the UAE and use Etisalat network? If Yes! Then you must be tired of extra plans and services of Etisalat that regularly charges a lot of Dirhams. Follow any of the given method To Deactivate Etisalat Subscription of all extra services / plans while staying at home.

You just need to follow the steps given below and save your future Etisalat SIM Balance from deduction due to those extra which you don’t even use.

Etisalat UAE Website Method

First method to Cancel / Deactivate / Unsubscribe Etisalat Subscription is by visiting the official Etisalat UAE website and proceeding the cancellation. Here, you need to follow these steps:

  • Visit Etisalat UAE official website
  • Go to My Account and click on Sign In
  • Now provide your Etisalat account/mobile number to login
  • You can also login with UAE Pass (For UAE Residents Only)
  • After you successfully login, click on Profile or Account Page
  • Here you need to click on billing option or subscription option
  • List of those services that are subscribed on your number will appear
  • Each service has its own cancel button to permanently cancel subscription
  • Click on cancel button of extra services to unsubscribe extra plans & services
  • Congratulations! You have successfully Cancel Etisalat Subscription of extra services

My Etisalat UAE App Method

If you are an Etisalat user then you must have already ‘My Etisalat App’ present in your mobile. Open this app to proceed the subscription cancellation. Follow these steps:

  • Open Etisalat App
  • Login into your account
  • Now click on manage section
  • All subscribed services list will appear
  • Now cancel each extra plan / service
  • Done! Etisalat all extra services are cancel

Use Android to Cancel Etisalat Subscription

Do you have Android Mobile? If Yes! Then follow these steps and Cancel / Deactivate / Unsubscribe Etisalat Subscription of selected and all services for free. Follow these steps:

  • Open Google Play Store
  • You should login using Etisalat account
  • Now Click on your Play Store profile picture
  • A menu will appear, here click on ‘Payments & Subscriptions’
  • After that, click on ‘Subscriptions’ and see how many services are subscribed
  • Here you need to scroll down and search for ‘My Etisalat UAE’ in this list
  • When you find My Etisalat UAE is Subscriptions section click on cancel button
  • Done! Your Etisalat Subscription is successfully cancel / unsubscribe permanently

Use iOS (iPhone) to Cancel Etisalat Subscription

Apple iPhone (iOS) users will follow these steps to get rid of extra services of Etisalat. These steps are simple and 100% working. Let’s try these steps on your iPhone:

  • Open iOS (iPhone) Settings
  • Now click on your name at top of your settings
  • You should login from your accurate Apple ID
  • A profile page will open, here click on Subscriptions
  • List of all subscriptions will open in next screen
  • Here you need to search ‘My Etisalat UAE’
  • All subscribed services / plans of Etisalat will open
  • Just click on service / plan you need to cancel and press ‘Cancel Subscription’
  • Now you can cancel all subscriptions or specific services / plans in seconds
  • Hence, use your iPhone and cancel any Etisalat Subscription for free

Etisalat Customer Care Center Method

Finllay, You can call on 101 to ask the agent to deactivate extra service or follow these steps to Cancel the Etisalat Subscription in 2024.

  • Visit your nearest Etisalat Customer Care Center
  • You can also visit Etisalat Business Center or Etisalat Service Center
  • Or call on 101 and ask the Etisalat agent to Cancel Etisalat Subscription
  • This is the easiest method to Cancel Etisalat Subscription of specific or all services / plans

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It is very easy to unsubscribe / deactivate / cancel or to get rid of any extra service on Etisalat network. We have mention 5 comprehension and easy methods that work 100% accurately and give successful results. For Etisalat users, the network is giving such a good opportunity to save their time and balance by canceling extra services.

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