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Etisalat All Services Deactivate Code is *123# that cancel all type of extra services on your number and save your balance. However here we have mention different services of Etisalat with these deactivation codes.

Whether you are a prepaid or postpaid user, you remain in tension about the extra balance deduction from your account while using Etisalat SIM. That’s why, we are going to guide you here in this article to deactivate extra services on Etisalat and save your balance.

Yes! It is possible, and all the value-added services of Etisalat has their own (unique) deactivation (cancelation) code. You can either dial *123# or dial the specific cancelation code for a selected service. Let’s see how this trick works:

Etisalat All Services Deactivate Code

There are thousands of value-added services in Etisalat and each service deducts its specific daily, weekly or monthly charges. Hence, you need to stop such extra services so that in future your balance remain save.

Top value-added services of Etisalat with their deactivation codes are mention below. Hence, dial the codes mention below and get rid of all extra services that are currently in use on your number.

All Deactivation Codes List:

Service Name:Deactivation Code:
Notify Me*323#
Pinoy PackSMS “cPinoy” to 1012
Call Waiting#43#
Freedom Plans*101#
Full Home Wi-FiVisit Center
Call Me PlusSend SMS “MCO” to 1012
Auto ScheduleDial *100# and
Cancel Auto Schedule
Reverse Credit*108*2#
Smart MCN*123#
Voice Mail Basic*123#
Call Forwarding*123#
Call Conference*123#
Multi SIM*123#
Out of Credit Call*123#
Call Me Back*123#
Collect Call*123#
International Calling*111*1*2*2*2#
Daily Combo PlanSMS “C RDC” to 1010
Daily Data PlanSMS “C RDD” to 1010
Arena PlayGo to “My profile” section
Internet Calling PlanSMS “CCP” to 1012
Missed Call Notification
(when phone is busy)
Missed Call Notification
(phone is switched off)

Etisalat Postpaid Packages Unsubscribe

Here we have mention the codes to deactivate selected daily, weekly and monthly Etisalat call, SMS and Internet Package. Let’s see the full details:

Service Name:Deactivation Code:
250MB Data Plus PackSend CM 250M to 1010
1GB Data Plus PackSend CM 1G to 1010
3GB Data Plus PackSend CM 3G to 1010
5GB Data Plus PackSend CM 5G to 1010
7GB Data Plus PackSend CM 7G to 1010
10GB Data Plus PackSend CM 10G to 1010
20GB Data Plus PackSend CM 20G to 1010
Unlimited Data Plus PackSend CM U to 1010

Use Etisalat App To Unsub

You can also get rid of extra packages and services by using the official Etisalat UAE App. Yes! Just download and install this app from the play store and check how many packages (services) are activated on your number. After that, deactivate the extra service you don’t need anymore.

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Apna4G Conclusion

We have mention all deactivation (unsubscribe) codes of Etisalat here on this page. However, you need to dial *123# code for the deactivation of such service, whose deactivation code is not mention above. Hence, the *123# code is a universal deactivation code of Etisalat network.

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