How to Check Covid Vaccination Status in Pakistan

How To Check Covid Vaccination Status in Pakistan? It is a common question and we are going to describe the “online check” method here according to step-by-step guide.

It is very important to get the Covid-19 vaccine because it is the only method to get rid of this pandemic virus. In Pakistan, the government held free immunization centers that will fully vaccinate the nation.

It is a vital chance for us to get vaccinated and to defeat this virus. Many people who get vaccine 1st dose or 2nd dose even don’t know their online “Vaccination Status”. That’s why we have described here the easy method that will help you to get access to your “vaccination status” for free.

Check Covid Vaccination Status

There are basically 5 steps that you will have to follow and as a result, you will get details. This info will be about your Covid-19 vaccine dose name, dose number, the health care unit/center name, and the date when you were vaccinated.

We have given the Covid-19 vaccine dose “status check trick” with step by step and image help here:

How To Check Vaccination Status in Pakistan
  • 1st click here to visit official vaccination site
  • Now click on 3rd number “Covid-19 Certificate”
  • Provide your ID (CNIC Card) number without dashes
  • Please leave “CRC portion” and provide “CNIC Issue Date”
  • Now resolve the CAPTCHA and input the right answer of numbers
  • Step 5 is to click on the last “blue button” to get the Vaccination Status
  • Finally, On next page you will receive your total number of dose & dose name free
2nd page verification details

Checking Fees (Charges)

There are no charges to Check Covid Vaccination Status Online in Pakistan. However, it is only half-true because when you try to take out the print of your “Corona Vaccine Certificate” then you have to pay Rs 100 for certificate issuance. Here is how you can Pay Covid Certificate Fee Via Easypaisa step by step.

That’s why it will accurate to say that only checking the status is free but getting the certificate costs a hundred rupees per certificate. It is the official fee that the government charges for the design & database of your record in the NADRA COVID-19 database.

Other Possible Method

You can only check your vaccination record from the official link (NADRA Vaccination) site. There is no other possible method that can help you. Moreover, Apna4G has tried very hard to convey the perfect info in simple words with image help. Those visitors who still face any difficulty, then comment below to get a quick guide.

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