TikTok Unban in Pakistan – Good News For TikTokers

Congratulations! Dear Pakistani boys and girls because the app is working now and “TikTok Unban in Pakistan”. Yes! The wait is over and there is no need to use a proxy or VPN to open the TikTok App because this app is now 100% working.

TikTok the famous video clips apps were banned by the government of Pakistan because of numerous factors. These factors include bad content & vulgar videos of youth on this app.

The government has successfully removed more than half of videos on this app. Hence, removal of 50% bad content has made this app good to use. It is the main reason the government has re-open the access of this app for common internet users.

TikTok Unban in Pakistan

The keyword “TikTok Unban in Pakistan” is trending today in the whole country. This is because its app automatically works. Yes! Check your TikTok App on your device. It will start working and still if it is not working then restart your mobile.

We have checked our mobile phone and on 5 different devices, this app is working. However, on 2 dives we have to restart them first then on the next check they successfully open this app without VPN or Proxy.

Unban Duration

People are asking about the total time for which the government has unbanned this app. You know that TikTok has been banned & unbanned more than 5 times this year.

This is because of special reasons that were causing to make improper videos of youth. Hence, this unban is temporary. The government has authority, and they can ban this app in the future.

Note: TikTok is working in our country, however it is still banned in major cities.

Enjoy Clips

Short clips are the main specialty of TikTok. Hence, this step of this app has enabled its users to enjoy this service once again. Those users who were TikTok stars don’t need any trick to use this app now. It is accessible with a legal data bundle only. Just reload your account and use unlimited TikTok.

New Packages

All leading telecom network of Pakistan has launched latest bundles to use this app. Whether you have Jazz, Zong, Ufone, or Telenor SIM you can easily activate specially designed daily, weekly or monthly bundles for TikTok by these networks.

Jazz TikTok Packages (New)

Zong TikTok Offers (Latest)

Ufone TikTok Bundles (All)

Telenor TikTok Codes (Info)

We have also given above the latest packages for this app. These packages include hourly, daily, 3 days, weekly, and monthly offers. In addition, bundles, prices & codes are also present with their details, Click on your desire network for suitable offers.

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