Jazz Internet Packages 2024 – Daily, Weekly, Monthly Data Offers

Are you searching for cheap data packages? If Yes! Then here we have the Cheapest Jazz Internet Packages with daily, weekly, monthly and hourly validity.

You are now eligible to get internet MBs on Jazz 3G/4G SIM at cheap rates using Jazz Cheap Data packages. These packages are officially launched with their “subscription name” and we have renamed them to “Cheap” offers.

The reason behind the rename of following Jazz internet package is their cheap rates. You will get Jazz internet on the basis of hours, 1-day, 7-days, and 30-days. Let’s take a look at each Jazz Cheap internet package one by one.

Jazz Internet Packages

There are 6 packages that are (low rate) and their subscription is really cheap. Hence, we have included all these 6 (hourly, daily, 3-days, 7-days, and 30-days) packages in this list.

Let’s take a look at Jazz Cheap Internet Offers:

1st Offer (Super Ghanta)

2nd Offer (Daily Super Hours)

3rd Offer (Daily YouTube & Social)

4th Offer (Daily Mega)

5th Offer (3-Day Max)

6th Offer (7-Day Work From Home)

This is the one and only list of those packages that are available at low prices and maximum internet MBs to all prepaid Jazz 3G and 4G users. Now it’s time to describe each Jazz Cheap package one by one with incentives.

Super Ghanta Offer

Firstly, here we have an hourly cheap internet package of Jazz. This package basically provides 1GB (1000 MBs) for 1 hour (60 Minutes) in Rs 15 only. Dial *638# and activate this hourly internet package.

Offer Name:Ghanta Offer
Validity:1 Hour
Price:Rs 15
Check Code:*638*2#

Note: Hourly data will work on 2G/3G/4G devices.

Daily Super Hours

Now it’s time for 1-day (daily) Cheap net packages, and we have “daily Super Hours” the 1st bundle in the list of cheap data offers. This package comes with 2GB for 1 day having fixed timing of (12 AM to 12 PM) in PKR 35 only. Dial *757# and activate this daily extreme bucket.

Offer Name:Daily Super Hours
Validity:12 Hours
Timing:12AM to 12PM
Price:Rs 35
Check Code:Jazz World App

Daily YouTube & Social Offer

The third Cheap package is a daily YouTube and social offer present at a fixed rate of Rs 27. Dial *968# and get 1.5GB of internet for YouTube, WhatsApp, and Facebook.

See: Jazz Weekly Internet 30GB

The validity of this affordable (Cheap) package is 24 hours. All prepaid users are eligible to activate Daily YouTube & Social Offer.

Offer Name:YouTube & Social
Validity:24 Hours
Price:Rs 27
Check Code:*968*2#

Daily Mega Offer

Offer Name:Daily Mega
Validity:24 Hours
Price:Rs 35
Check Code:*117*4*2#

3-Day Max Package

Offer Name:3 Day Max
Jazz Minutes:1000
Other Net Min:10
Validity:3 Days
Price:Rs 69

Work From Home Bundle

Offer Name:Work From Home
8AM – 6PM
Jazz Minutes:Unlimited
8AM – 6PM
Validity:7 Days
Price:Rs 173
Check Code:*117*14*2#
Apna4G Conclusion

All these internet packages are valid for prepaid SIM cards only. On the other hand, the subscription price may increase due to applying GST, AIT, and FED taxes. For complete info, visit Jazz’s official portal with a specific package name.