Jazz Day Bundle Code and Package Details

Activate Jazz Day Bundle Code to get 20 MB internet, 300 SMS and 300 Jazz Minutes for 1 day in Rs 20. Jazz Call Pkg 24 Hours activation code with its complete details has been given below.

Jazz Warid has always remained at the top in terms of best packages. That’s why keeping this ability alive, they have recently introduced this bundle. This is basically a 3 in 1 package having three different incentives in a package.

We have completely analyzed this bundle and concluded that it is the best ever daily hybrid bundle launched by Jazz Warid. However, let’s take a look at its details to confirm whether it is suitable for your personality or not.

Jazz Day Bundle Code

Daily Day or Jazz Day Bundle provides 20 MB, 300 SMS, and 300 on-network minutes. All these incentives work for 24 hours (1 day) after subscribing to this bundle.


Offer Name:Day Bundle
Jazz Mints:300
Price:Rs 20
Validity:1 Day
Check Code:*340*2#

Note: This is a prepaid 1-day package.

On-Net Minutes

Call on all Jazz & Warid numbers throughout Pakistan because you have received 300 on-network minutes after subscribing to the “Jazz Introduces Day Bundle at Rs 20 only.

Internet MBs

Jazz has kept this bundle compressed in the field of the internet. Hence, they have added only 20 MBs for browsing and socializing. It is clear that downloading & uploading might not be able in these data MBs however you can open your apps and check your current app’s status. You can activate and deactivate “Jazz Daily Bajao Offer” from this link.

300 SMS

Message package is consider the main part of a youngster’s mobile life. That’s why this 1-day package has a basic part of SMS that allows its users to send and receive messages up to 300 limits. Enjoy silent conversation and don’t remain apart from friends.

Terms & Conditions
  • The user will get 20 MBs of data
  • The price is fix at 14 rupees including tax
  • 300 SMS/Minutes will provide to subscriber
  • This package expires the same day at midnight
  • The call setup fee will apply on each call you made
  • The remaining (MBs/SMS/Minutes) will not add to the next activation

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