Jazz One Day Internet Package – Jazz 24 Hour Internet Package

There are two latest Jazz One Day Internet Packages (Jazz Daily Mega & Jazz Daily Extreme) 2023. Full details of Jazz 1 Day Net Packages are given here on this page along with price, code, and validity. Hence a user can get internet on daily basis for 24 hours at a cheap rate. These bundles are also known as “daily internet” or “1-day internet” packages.

Keeping in mind the desire and needs of people Jazz has launched a daily basis bundle costing a low price. This bundle is specially launched for those users who want to browse the internet for a few hours or for a day or night.

We have given below two packages that are known as “Jazz Daily Net” packages. Both of these packages are 1-day valid bundles and provide maximum data (MBs) for uploading, downloading, and video streaming.

Jazz One Day Internet Packages

There are two famous “Jazz One Day Net Packages”. According to their price, the network has to arrange their MBs and validity hours. Now it is on you and on your account balance which net bundle you choose because here the prices of both bundles are different.

You can subscribe to any of these two “1-day net packages”

  • Daily Extreme
  • Daily Mega

Both of these internet packages have one-day validation and their price is different from each other according to internet amount.

Jazz Daily Extreme

1st Jazz one-day net package the “Daily Extreme Bundle” has a low price and average internet. You can activate “Jazz Daily Extreme” by dialing *757# and get 2 GB (2000 MBs) from 12 AM to 12 PM for just 18 rupees.


Offer Name:Daily Extreme
MBs:2000 (2GB)
Timing:12 AM – 12 PM
Price:18 Rupees

Jazz Daily Mega

The upgraded version of “daily extreme” is the “Jazz Daily Mega Offer” launched this New Year. This bundle provides 1GB of data for 24 hours for 35 rupees. You just have to dial *117*4# to activate this bundle. On the other hand, you can dial *117*4*2# to check the remaining MBs within validity hours.


Offer Name:Daily Mega
MBs:1000 (1GB)
Timing:24 Hours
Price:35 Rupees

Affordable Bundles

These are affordable daily internet packages that are widely searched by telecom users. Hence those people who are searching for a perfect internet package that provides maximum internet at a low price for 1 day (24 hours) can activate one bundle that is given above. You can get details about the latest “Jazz Day Bundle” from this link.

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