Jazz Devices Internet Packages With Price (Jan 2024)

All Jazz Devices Internet Packages for Jazz MBB, WIFI, MIFI & all other devices unlimited (monthly & yearly) packages with prices are given here.

After the launch of 4G technology in Pakistan, all networks have been updated. Hence, all 3G internet devices have been replaced by fourth-generation devices, commonly known as 4G devices. Hence, here we have described all Jazz 4G device’s prices, packages, and validity of each bundle with their other basic info.

Getting internet on Jazz is now quite easy after the launch of 4G (data devices). There are plenty of different devices that are divided into numerous sections according to size, signal range, power consumption, and user connectivity power.

Jazz Devices Internet Packages

These offers are valid for all types of Jazz devices. Hence, these are all-in-one packages. However, we have given the link to each package, which will further lead you. 4G internet is the need of time. Everyone need superfast internet to access fastest video streaming, downloading and uploading at affordable price.

Price, device MBs, package validity, and the amount of data (3G/4G) MBs are present below in the chart present along with each data package of Jazz MBB devices. Hence, for complete details, you must have to read the full article from package 1st to last.

3 Days Packages

1st of all, the short validity bundle for Jazz Device users is a 3-Day Bundle. This pack comes with 8GB data for 347 Rupees. You need to recharge 400 Rupees in account to fully subscribe this package. Dial *117*53# to activate this offer.

Offer Name:3 Day Bundle
Data:8GB internet
Price:Rs 347
Recharge Required:Rs 400
Validity:3 Days
Subscribe Code:*117*53#

7 Days Bundle

Dial *117*57# to activate Weekly Internet Bundle on your Jazz 4G Device at fix price of 869 rupees. Here in this offer you will get 25GB for 7 days and the recharge required for this pack is 100 rupees.

Offer Name:7 Day Bundle
Data:25GB internet
Price:Rs 869
Recharge Required:Rs 1000
Validity:7 Days
Subscribe Code:*117*57#

Regular Monthly

The regular monthly data bundle is now available in PKR 1740 only. The user will receive 60 GB, of which 30 GB will only work from 1 AM to 1 PM.

Offer Name:Monthly Regular
Data:60 GB
Timing:30 GB
Price:PKR 1740
Recharge:PKR 2000
Status Code:*117*73*2#
UN-SUB Code:*117*73*4#

Mega Monthly

110 GB monthly mega bundle is available in PKR 2086 only. Other details are present in the description box:

Offer Name:Monthly Mega
Data:110 GB
Timing:50 GB
Price:PKR 2,086
Recharge:PKR 2,400
Status Code:*117*36*2#
UN-SUB Code:*117*36*4#

Heavy Monthly

The heavy bundle is for those subscribers who want to receive maximum MBs. Hence, this bundle comes with 180 GB for 30 days.

Offer Name:Monthly Heavy
Data:180 GB
Timing:75 GB
Price:PKR 2608
Recharge:PKR 3000
Status Code:*117*74*2#
UN-SUB Code:    –

3 Month Bundle

Our first long-duration bundle is the Jazz 3 months bundle. The bundle is valid for 90 days, having 65 GB of data. The total price of the bundle is PKR 5625.

Offer Name:3-Months
Data:65 GB
Validity:90 Days
Price:PKR 5625
Recharge:PKR 6500
Status Code:*117*17*2#
UN-SUB Code:*117*15*4#

6 Month Bundle

The last bundle is the 6-month valid package. The offer comes with 100 GB for just PKR 12,173. Codes are present below:

Offer Name:6-Months
Data:100 GB
Validity:300 Days
Price:PKR 12,173
Recharge:PKR 14,000
Status Code:*117*18*2#
UN-SUB Code:*117*16*4#

Jazz 4G Devices Price

These famous three Jazz internet devices with their official price is mention in the box below. Hence, get full details about Jazz 4G Devices Prices and you can buy them from the nearest franchise.

Device Name:Prices:
Jazz 4G WinglePKR 3500
Jazz 4G Wi-FiPKR 4500
Jazz Home Wi-FiPKR 8500

How To Buy Device Jazz Net Device?

If you want to buy a new Jazz internet device, then you can visit your nearest Jazz care center (franchise) or Jazz point and get your new device after biometric verification.

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Apna4G Conclusion

Jazz is the best network providing 3G/4G & LTE internet. That’s why we have mentioned its packages and device prices above. However, if you still have any questions then you can comment below. You can also visit the official page of Jazz for more INFO & FAQs.

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