Jazz Drive In Cinema Lahore Location & Buy Ticket Online

The great success of the Karachi drive-in cinema has compelled Mobilink to launched Jazz Drive In Cinema Lahore. Yes! The city of gardens has got its first (telecommunication cooperation) drive-in cinema with fully advance technology.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the latest step made by Jazz 4G. Basically, a few months ago the Jazz had launched its first drive-in cinema in Karachi. That was an initial experiment and due to great response of Karachi’s people (City of lights), the network move one step forward.

This time Jazz has selected Lahore and we have a new drive-in cinema having wider space (parking area) and perfect service. Do you want to get full details about it? Read this article for drive-in cinema location and online booking.

Jazz Drive In Cinema Lahore

Lahore has a lot of drive-in cinemas. However, every cinema has its own “costs & benefits”. That’s why the number 1 telecom network of Pakistan has launched its new service. Yes! You can now watch HD movies in Pakistan with families while sitting in your car.

This service provides a sense of privacy. There will be no one who will disturb you because you will sit separately in your car. Basically when we see history then we realize that it is not a new service the English men first used such type of cinema in the early 19’s to entertain their families.

Exact Lahore Cinema (Location)

The exact location of Jazz Drive-in Cinema Lahore is “97M5+36F, Block (A) Khayaban E Ameen, Lahore, Punjab. However, you can use the official map to drive accurately. Visit Jazz Karachi Cinema from here.

Buy Ticket Today

Those users who want to buy tickets can use two methods: Online booking or Manual Purchase. Jazz has given an online website so that you can buy your tickets while sitting at your home. On the other hand, when you reach the cinema buy manually and pay through the “Jazz Cash QR Code” to get access.

  • Buy ticket manually (JazzCash QR Code) when you reach
  • Buy ticket online by clicking here, visiting the official website
  • Purchasing online by above link will provide 50% cash back
  • Each ticket price is Rs 1000/- (paid through QR Code or online)

Movie Schedule (Update)

Every weekend comes with new movies. We have given blew the link that will provide you with complete details of this weekend’s movie schedule. Please click here to get the latest movie schedule.

Important Points

  • Always come with facemask
  • Order your food before show start
  • Your vehicle radio must be working for audio
  • Park your card right in front of your allotted meter
  • Enjoy the drive-in cinema as well as 50% cash back with Jazz Cash