Jazz Golden Numbers Price 1000 Rupees (Shop Online)

Jazz Golden Numbers Price 1000 – Dial *5299# and choose your desired Jazz Golden Number. Now Online Book a golden number and get your favorite number at your doorstep.

1st of all, it is important to get full info about the keyword “golden number” to understand the importance of this topic. Basically, all telecom networks provide phone (SIM) numbers according to an arranged sequence.

In this arranged sequence, a little Jazz SIM numbers come in ultra super sequence. For example, the resemblance of digits matches, and a golden number is formed. Such types of golden numbers are very rare and people try to get such numbers.

Jazz Golden Numbers Price 1000

Telecom network Officials always set the price of each golden number according to the (digits similarity) of that number. This price is different, and it depends upon the 3-digits similarity, 4-digits similarity, and so on.

Now the Jazz officials have launched the latest list of Golden Numbers having a price of Rs 1000 for each number. This price suits 100% perfectly because all these digits are really worth it.

Order Any Jazz Number Online

There are different prices for golden numbers. These prices may vary according to number serial; however, the basic point is to “order the golden number” via Jazz code. Buy a new SIM from your home in a few easy steps.

1st Step: For home delivery of your favorite number, press *5299# from your Jazz SIM.

5299 code

2nd Step: A new menu will open containing 6 different options, reply with 1 (Buy New Jazz SIM).

buy new SIM

3rd Step: Enter your “Full Name” because they need the identity of that person to whom the SIM will deliver.


4th Step: It’s time to provide your “contact number” so that the delivery guy calls you at the time of arrival.


5th Step: Provide your “address” where the SIM having a golden number will be delivered.


6th Step: for the golden number booking, you must have to provide your “CNIC number” to conform to the SIM activation/SIM issuance on your name.

Jazz Golden Number Price 1000 3

7th Step: It’s time to confirm your order; if you reply with 1 then your New SIM order will be placed. On the other hand, if you reply with 0 then you will “cancel” the order.

Jazz Golden Number Price 1000 2

Hence, while sitting at home, your Jazz SIM will come at a minor charge of Rs 300. This is the best service to buy the Jazz favorite number via online code.

Visit Franchise For Golden Number

Visit Jazz Franchise and see the list of available numbers. Remember, each franchise contains a special list of Jazz golden numbers. Different between simple numbers and the golden number is buying price. The user must have to pay Rs 1000, Rs 2000, or this amount may become double according to the SIM number.

franchise pic

Usually, the people prefer the SIM numbers having digits 786, 5, 12, 14, or according to their vehicle number. People love to buy SIM numbers according to their car number plate or according to their house number plate.

Enter Your Favorite Number & Book Online

This is a specially designed box that gives you the opportunity to search whether your favorite number is available or not. Hence, enter your golden number and search whether it is present and what is its price:

Jazz Golden Number Price 1000 1

Hence, open Jazz’s official site and check the status of golden SIM cards and inquire about the price of golden SIM cards via the 111 code of the helpline of the network.

Golden SIM Free Incentives

Every new SIM comes with free internet MBs (3G/4G), free SMS, and free calling minutes for all networks for a specific validity. Here, the golden number SIM cards also come for free:

  • 3G/4G 1GB (no expiry)
  • 1000 SMS (no expiry)
  • 1000 On-Net (no expiry)

See: All Network Golden Numbers

Dial *191# to get free incentives on a new SIM. Moreover, this offer works on all prepaid SIM cards, whether the card comes with the golden number or a general category.

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