Jazz Monthly Call Package 70 Rupees Code 2023 – *699*6*1#

Jazz Monthly Call Package 70 rupees via 3 different bundles of Jazz 4G having On + Off network minutes are present in these three packages that will let you get all network minutes in 70 rupees only.

Jazz 4G has introduced three different packages that can give you a full month’s call connection for Rs 70. But the difficult part of these packages that remain complicated for prepaid users is the subscription method.

That’s why here we have described the subscription and avail of minutes for 30 days for Rs 70 with proof. Moreover, additional details about these buckets are also present here. So keep in touch with us for 100% accurate details.

Jazz Monthly Call Package 70 Rupees

You have to activate 1 package from the given 3 packages. All these 3 packages charge 70 rupees excluding tax. But after the implementation of taxes, this amount increases slightly.

This is the list of two packages that come in Rs 70 but the validity of both buckets is 30 days:

  • First package: Make your own monthly (on + off) network minutes bucket in 70 rupees
  • Second Package: Get 35 off-network and 250 Jazz minutes in Rs 70 via Mahana Bachat Package
  • Third Package: 2.5GB, 500 Jazz Minutes, 2500 SMS, 30 Off-Net Minutes in Rs 70 via *699*6*1#

Let’s take a look at each package separately that is available in 70 rupees and giving telecom resources in 2022.

1st Package (Make Your Own Bucket)

Remember Jazz had once launched a “customizing option” for prepaid users? According to this feature, you can customize and make your own package at the selected price. Hence dial *303*30# and set the package according to your need (on-net, off-net, SMS, MBs) and select validity of 30 days. This is the best source to get the Jazz Monthly Calling package for 70 rupees.

Offer Name:Make Own Offer
MBs:Self Select
SMS:Self Select
On + Off Minutes:You Select
Price:Select Rs 70

Note: As per customer Selection of incentives the network automatically customizes the price. Hence select incentives when the price auto-become Rs 70 for the monthly bucket.

2nd Package (Mahana Bachat Bucket)

This is also a 70 rupees bucket providing 1000 SMS, 300 Jazz Minutes, 50 Other Minutes, and 4GB data for 2G/3G/4G users. The subscription code of the following package is *614# string.

Offer Name:Mahana Bachat
Jazz Minutes:300
Other Minutes:50
Original Price:Rs 70
Required Load:Rs 250

Note: Rs 70 is the price excluding tax but after (FED, AIT, and GST) apply the price becomes 250 which is the final price + tax value.

3rd Package (Discount Call Offer)

Dial *699*6*1# and get 2.5GB, 500 Jazz Minutes, 2500 SMS, and 30 Off-Net Minutes in Rs 70 via Discount Offer.

Offer Name:Discount Offer
Jazz Minutes:500
Other Minutes:30
Original Price:Rs 70
Required Load:Rs 99

Note: it is a monthly all-in-one bucket for all prepaid users.

SMS, Minutes & MBs in Rs 70

2nd & 3rd packages provide all incentives, whereas in the 1st package you can manually customize SMS, Minutes, and MBs for 70 rupees. Hence these 2 buckets are an all-in-one monthly 70 rupees package that provides SMS, Minutes, and MBs at a fixed price.

Check 70 Rupees Offers

For all 3 buckets Jazz has launched the “Jazz World App” which is an all-in-one solution for incentives inquiry. Just open the app and check the remaining incentives (MBs, SMS & Minutes) including the remaining balance.

EverGreen Packages

These 3 packages are evergreen buckets because their prices are affordable and validity is maximum “monthly” for prepaid users. That’s why trends of 70 rupees “Call Package” are increasing day by day.

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Terms & Conditions
  • All packages cost 70 rupees
  • 3 packages are monthly offers
  • Only prepaid Jazz users can activate
  • GST, FED, and AIT taxes apply on offers
  • Comment below in case to get additional details

5 thoughts on “Jazz Monthly Call Package 70 Rupees Code 2023 – *699*6*1#

  • May 30, 2022 at 1:16 pm

    offer is not active from sim not giving option to active this pakage how can i apply

    • May 4, 2023 at 9:11 am

      This pkg does not apply on my sim why?

  • December 31, 2022 at 7:58 am

    Before this month’s package ends the offer *699*6*1# is Giving me 500 jazz mints 30 other networks 2.5gb Data now on this day december 31. The same packge gives me 5gB Data why? Can u explain me, please


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