Jazz Network Problem Today | Why Jazz Network Down Today

All Mobilink users are facing a “Jazz Network Problem” today in the major cities of Pakistan. There are a few reasons that are causing temporary signal problems and coverage blockage. We have briefly described those factors and their solutions in this article.

You know very well that the Government of Pakistan doesn’t allow telecom signals to work on special occasions. These occasions are those sensitive days on which government thinks that there must be a threat.

Hence, to keep the environment peaceful, it has become a custom to block telecom signals. This signal blockage includes all leading networks such as (Jazz, Zong, Ufone, and Telenor) on special days. These special occasions contain Muharram at the top. Hence, it is not a technical problem if you are facing a signal problem on Muharram days because it is a government policy to make the gathering of thousands of people peaceful in major cities of Pakistan.

Jazz Network Problem

Those users who are facing the “Jazz Network Problem” can solve this issue with a few steps. Here is what you have to do! Simply check the calendar whether it is a government holiday. If yes! Then keep calm because you are not alone in the city that is facing signal problems because there are no signals even in the whole city.

On the other hand, when there are Muharram holidays, then the government blocks the signals. Hence, these two common factors (Government Holiday & Muharram Holiday) affect the network’s signals.

Area Coverage Blockage

You know very well that the distribution of telecom signals has been made by authorities with “network towers” present at a distance of 3KM. Often due to “electricity problem or load-shedding” the towers become unable to boost the signals. Hence, this can cause signal problems in your specific area.

Check SIM & SLOT

Many times, users can face “network problems” because of outdated SIM cards or old phone SIM SLOTS expiring. You just need to renew your number with the new Jazz 4G SIM. Or try your SIM on another mobile to check its accuracy. Get details about the “JazzCash Bachat Account” from here.

See this video to get full details about this issue and how to fix this problem on your mobile / location on Jazz SIM card.

Change Position

The last suggestion is to change your position because “signals towers” may be unable to reach your side. Change your position or try to reach on a high altitude side so that your cell phone gets signals.

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  1. My Jazz network SIM is not working in my office and in my house. I am a very busy man, my job is online bussines hence please solve my issue

    • Since the morning jazz network is not working in North Karachi showing emergency call. please resolve the issue and at least let your consumer know the reason for the unavailability of the network.

  2. Hello. jazz 4g doesn’t work in lower dir it shows 4g and doesn’t work and 3g is also very very slow plz fix the problem. Telenor and jazz both aren’t working what is going on in the tower signals are on we can get signals but the internet doesn’t work Telenor signals are fully gone but jazz has signals and doesn’t work. fix the internet as soon as possible.

  3. ھمارا ایریامنگو تارو کے قریب گاؤں نارو کی پار ھےجوکہ ضلح ننکانہ صاحب میں ہےعرصہ 15 دن سے جازسنگنلنہ آے کے برابر ہیں آڈیو اور ویڈیو کال نہیں ہو پا رہیکوئ حل نکال کر ہمیں بھی اس سہولت سے فایدہ اٹھانے دیں شکریہ

  4. Yar mahrbani kar k network Sahi karo hum atne mahngy packages krwate he or network chlta ni he phr kia faida agr y hal rha to hum Change krdengy network pori city me boycott jazz sim

  5. I’m facing jazz sim network issues. My jazz Sim Is not working also data is not working too on this SiM plz solve this problem as soon as possible

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