Jazz TikTok Packages 2023 | 1-Day, Weekly & Monthly

Jazz has launched the latest Jazz TikTok Packages for all TikTokers in 2023. Now enjoy unlimited TikTok for daily, weekly & monthly basics at a fixed price.

TikTok is the most used application in the world. Due to its ever-introduced new features, this application has become famous. Every common person wants to make a video on this app.

Because of its trend and popularity, all telecommunication networks have launched new data bundles. These data bundles are specially designed for the TikTok application only.

Jazz TikTok Packages (Types)

We have mentioned all bundles launched by Mobilink Jazz. However, it is important to note that these bundles are only for those users who want to use the unlimited or in-limit data of TikTok. Let’s start making online videos with the fastest speed internet of Jazz and get new followers on TikTok.

There are 3 validities in which we get several TikTok buckets while using Jazz 3G and 4G SIM Card:

  • 1-Day TikTok Package
  • 7-Days TikTok Package
  • 30-Days TikTok Package

Let’s take a look at these different validities buckets having a special ability to access TikTok daily, weekly, or monthly. Price and MBs (incentives) are also mentioned in the table along with each bucket.

Jazz TikTok Packages (Daily)

Dial *114*5# and receive 30 Mbps 4G internet. This bundle cost PKR 27/- and is valid for 1 day (24 Hours) only. Details are given below in the table.

  • Dial *114*5# from Jazz SIM.
  • You will receive 30 Mbps.
  • PKR 27 will be deducted from your account.
  • These Mbps will remain for 1 day.


Package Name:Daily TikTok
Data:30 Mbps
Price:PKR 27
Validity:1 Day
Status Code:*114*5*2#

Jazz Daily Browser

Dial *117*11# and receive 50 Mbps internet. This data will be valid for 1 day and costs PKR 12/- only.

Package Name:Daily Browser
Data:50 Mbps
Price:PKR 12
Validity:1 Day
Status Code:*117*11*2#

Jazz TikTok Packages (Weekly)

These are the latest 4G data cheap weekly bundles for TikTok by Mobilink Jazz. These bundles have been classified according to their price and validity terms.

Jazz TikTok Packages Details

7 Day TikTok

Dial *117*14# and receive 12 GB for TikTok for 7 days of the calendar. It also provides unlimited Jazz Minutes. This bundle is available for PKR 135/- and works from 8am to 6pm. Load / recharge required is 156 rupees.

Package Name:Weekly TikTok
Price:PKR 135
Validity:7 Day
Status Code:*117*14*2#

Weekly TikTok Jazz

Here users will get 500 Mbps for plain 4G data and 200 Mbps for TikTok. Dial *117*7# for bundle activation. The price is PKR 75/- only.

Package Name:TikTok 7-Days
Data:500 + 200 Mbps
Price:PKR 75
Validity:7 Day
Status Code:*117*7*2#

Jazz TikTok Packages (Monthly)

At last, we have 30 days bundles of TikTok. These bundles are specially designed for this app only. You will receive MBs that can access the internet as well as TikTok App. That’s why users really give importance to these buckets.

Monthly Offer

Dial *117*30# and receive 15GB (15000 Mbps) of TikTok for 30 days. The offer price is PKR 650/- only. You need to load / recharge 750 rupees.

Package Name:TikTok Monthly
Price:Rs 650
Validity:30 Day
Status Code:*117*30*2#

Use TikTok & Earn Online

Let’s take a glance at the history of this app. This application is basically a Chinese app that was launched for entertainment. Now Billions of downloads have been done over the last 1 year.

The whole world, there are Billions of users of the TikTok app in all regions whether it is America, Asia, or Russia. The young generation has gotten addicted to this app.

See: Jazz Helpline Number

Terms & Conditions
  • All general terms and conditions will apply.
  • These bundles are designed according to TikTok data and price.
  • Jazz TikTok Packages are available in daily, weekly & monthly terms.
  • For further details please click on FaQs & Info.

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