JazzCash Swift Code For Payoneer (Full Details)

JazzCash Swift Code is UNILPKKA which is used for the identification of accounts or bank while Inter Bank Funds Transfer for Payoneer, Upwork, and other national + international accounts to send or receive payments easily.

Basically, the Swift Code contains 8 to 11 characters. These characters may be alphabetic or numeric or combined. All the swift codes are designed according to the given format of international law.

Hence according to international law, the swift code is made up of the first 4 characters (letters only) that usually contain the bank code. The next 2 characters (letters only) are made up of country code. 7 and 8 characters may be (letters or digits) usually refer as location code. Finally, the last 3 characters (letters or digits) are the branch code that makes the (swift code) successful.

JazzCash Swift Code

Swift Code Stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. Same as BIC stand for Business Identifier Code/Bank Identifier Code. In simple words, the Swift/BIC code is the identity of your Bank + Country + Location + Branch.

Hence this code is essential for international funds transferred from 1 account to another. That’s why people who own Jazz Cash Accounts and want to send or receive payment from the international level want to know the Swift/BIC code.

Jazz Cash Swift Code:UNILPKKA

Note: Swift Code & BIC Code is the same for Jazz Cash.

How To Understand This Code?

To understand the swift or BIC code easily we have designed this image. This image contains the different characters (example of swift code) where the meaning of each character is mentioned along with its position. Let’s see the full details in this image:

BIC Code of JazzCash

Hence the pattern of Swift/BIC code is Bank code + Country code + Location code + Branch code to fully understand the location of any bank account.

Additional Information (Codes)

Here we have described the additional details of Jazz Cash for national and international funds transferred from different banks and from other sources.

IBAN of JazzCash:PK26UNIL0109000200762191
JazzCash Account No:200762191
Country of JazzCash:Pakistan
Bank Name:UBL
Bank/Branch Code:0239
Bank Adress:Islamabad Jinnah Avenue
near Blue Area

Note: All these details are present on the official “IBFT” JazzCash portal, hence all codes are accurate.

Apna4G Conclusion

International funds transfer plays an important role in daily routine business life. Hence those users who want to remain connected with international users through bank transactions can use these essential codes and details to successfully send or receive transactions.

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