How to Check Easypaisa Transaction ID (Check Trx ID History)

Now Check Easypaisa Transaction ID (Trx ID History) of recent funds transfer in a few steps by using the Easy Paisa App. Do you know that the EasyPaisa app keeps the history of all funds transfers (transactions history) and the app user is eligible to access that history and the Transaction ID details?

On this page, we have mentioned the step-by-step procedure with images to guide those users who want to check the Easypaisa Transaction ID (Trx ID).

Remember that Trx ID can help you in the future as proof that you have sent or received funds (money) from any specific account. Each transaction has its own unique Transaction ID that clarifies the destination of funds.

How to Check Easypaisa Transaction ID

You just need the Easy Paisa App to check the Trx ID for free. Of course, all those users who want to inquire about the Transaction ID must have the app. In addition, the app also allows users to download the history (Transaction ID) of all funds transferred for free.

Here are the steps you need to follow for the inquiry of Easypaisa Transaction ID:

  • Open Easy Paisa App on your mobile
  • Click on (3 lines) present in the top left area
3 lines
  • Now click on “Transaction History” in the menu
history box
  • A list of recent funds transfers with date, time & amount will open
full info open
  • Moreover, Click on the “view” button present in front of a particular transaction
view button info
  • When you open the specific transaction, then its “history” will show you Transaction ID (Trx ID)
here is your num
  • Remember that the average Easy Paisa Transaction ID (Trx ID) contains 10 digits
Check Easypaisa Transaction ID exp
  • In addition, you can get the fund’s transfer date, time, receiver name, and receiver bank name

Hence, it’s proved via the given method that you have the record of each transaction, and you can check the Transaction ID (Trx ID) whenever you want.

Download Easypaisa Transactions History

Now it’s time to tell you the method through which you can save the transaction history of specific time periods from the Easy Paisa database into your device. For this purpose, please follow these steps:

  • Open the Easy Paisa App
  • Now click on the top left side 3 small lines
Check Easypaisa Transaction ID 3
  • Open the Transaction History tab from this list
Check Easypaisa Transaction ID his
  • In addition, Click on the “Download E-Statement” button and wait for downloading
Check Easypaisa Transaction ID e-
  • Congratulations! Your recent fund’s transfer details including the Transaction ID (Trx ID) has downloaded in your (downloads)

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Keep Records of Funds

Via Easy Paisa you can keep the history of all transactions (funds) you send or receive via third parties. Hence, this is legal proof of your income or transactions and makes your future secure in case of any need. Moreover, the history download method and ID check trick both are described above. Hence, read the full article to get 100% authentic details.

Terms & Conditions
  • Only the Easy Paisa app user can access its trx
  • No other user can access the transaction ID of other users
  • Moreover, this transaction history keeps the history of all funds transfer
  • Hence, no additional charges will apply to check or download trx id (history)
  • Get full info from official site about Easy Paisa transactions (ID Check & history)

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  2. 299 rupees mere account se transaction hve hy, Mai ne kiye b nhi why and how it possible. Plz consider the complain

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