Meri Gari Scheme 2023 | Online Registration & Apply (Guide)

The government of Pakistan has announced the “Meri Gari Scheme” in the new budget 2021-22. Registration & Online Apply from 1st July 2k21 to on-wards.

Pakistan Finance Minister Shokat Tareen explained in the financial year budget session that Federal Government has decided to terminate custom and regulatory taxes on 850CC cars. It means middle-class families will be able to afford local or international cars without any tax.

The official sales tax on cars was 17% that has been decreased to 12.5%. This is a huge concession made by PM Imran Khan for all Pakistani people. According to Government our PM want to encourage people to buy cars for an easy living.

Meri Gari Scheme

All Pakistani and international brands 850CC cars will be available for Pakistani people with no custom and regulatory taxes. You can import new & 5 years used car from abroad & no custom will implement on your order.

Meri Gari Scheme Goal

PM Imran Khan wants to fulfill numerous goals with the latest car scheme. We have described a few of them with details below to get the future impact of such schemes. This is the aim of the Scheme:

  • Car for everyone
  • Encourage electric cars
  • To Break the BIG-3 chain
  • Reduce the price of small cars

850CC Tax-Free Cars

All 850CC cars of different companies will be available tax-free in Pakistan. Hence this will prove very profitable for all of us and also for the economy of Pakistan. All international companies will come to Pakistan to start their units because of tax concession. Hence Pakistan will become a business hub in few coming years

How To Apply Online?

You can apply for Meri Gari Scheme by clicking the official link given below. But before that I want to remind you that you must have the following documents to apply:

  • Driving license
  • National ID Card
Click Here To Apply
Auto Development Policy 2k21-26

According to this policy, the government will work to increase the car production units thrice in Pakistan to increase car production and to decrease car prices. They will also work to achieve the goal to transfer petroleum cars to electric cars so that the environment will remain clean and there will be low consumption of petrol.

Meri Gari Scheme vs Apna Rozgar Scheme

Apna Rozgar Scheme was the same scheme that was introduced in the previous government of the N-League. But here if we compare these two schemes then we have to notice that here PM has reduced the sales tax from 17% to 12.5% which is quite impressive.

Terms & Conditions
  • Applicant must have ID Card.
  • Scheme support only 850CC cars.
  • Applicant must have driving license.
  • Meri Gari Scheme will remain valid.
  • You can select Car Company of your own desire.

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