NSER Survey Registration Check Through CNIC – 8171

NSER Online Registration and doorstep Surveys have been initiated by the Government of Pakistan in 154 districts. Therefore! Now you can provide your basic details to higher authorities. These details contain your income sources, family members, and current monthly income to survey agents.

Providing correct information will highlight your profile in the survey and it will increase the chances of your monthly allowance. Thus, the government of Pakistan starts BISP & NSER programs that will support financially to the poor families of tribal areas and villages.

A total of 154 districts including major & minor ones have been selected for this list. In the second place, the NADRA is the chief institute that is controlling this survey & program.

NSER Online Registration

You know very well all databases and personal info about Pakistani citizens. Such as (family tree, father name, mother name, siblings, and relatives) details are present in the NADRA database.

This is the main reason the Government has selected this NADRA for the registration data storage. However, the registration is still continued through two valid methods.

  • Survey Registration
  • Online Registration

We have described both methods with their links on this page. On the other hand, we are also going to tell you “how to check or track your registration”. Or when will you receive your first 12000 from BISP or NSER?

Survey Registration

As we have told you above the 1st method to collect accurate details about poor families is for the government. Will start the survey in 154 backward districts. Enforcement of the NSER survey will be door to door which will be done by 2 agents in each home. Further, here is what you have to tell the agent while the survey takes place:

  • Total family members
  • Who is the family head
  • Man/Woman that earns
  • Family total monthly income
  • Avail any other program or not
  • Adults CNIC & immature B-form Number
  • Finally, Full details (name, address, and NADRA info)

Always remember that survey or registration is temporary. As well as the NSER & NADRA made the final selection for the survey and poor families that will avail this opportunity.

Online Registration

For online registration, you don’t need any internet connection. Basically, in the backward area, people don’t have internet facilities. That’s why the government has launched an online SMS service. To book your CNIC/ID Card number on the NADRA registration portal through SMS by following these steps:

  • Type a new message
  • Enter 13 digits in SMS
  • Send this SMS on 8171

Finally, you have successfully sent your online request to register your CNIC in the NADRA database for BISP or NSER survey. This online registration method will help you in registration without any charges.

Selected 154 Districts

Government officials have selected 154 districts. This list contains a large number of SINDH & BALOCHISTAN backward areas. Hence it is a golden step by the government of Pakistan and provincial authorities to provide basic rights to poor families. Please Check whether your district is present in this large list or not from here.

NADRA Notice

Always remember that your CNIC is the first and basic priority for the NSER and BISP registration. That’s why try to provide your CNIC when the survey agents ask for it. Never share your personal information with any strange black ships. Check your NSER Status through CNIC from here. In addition, the NSER agents always come in a specific uniform so that a common person can recognize them easily.

Note: New Government of PML-N has continued the supply of govt aid to poor people in the form of such government programs and schemes.

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