How To Check Your Own SIM Number in Pakistan?

Do you want to Check Your Own SIM Number of your mobile? It is possible by dialing a simple inquiry code. This number inquiry code is different for each network. We have described here each network number check code with its inquiry charges.

If you want to check the SIM Number of Jazz, Zong, Ufone, or Telenor in Pakistan then it is really easy. Because keeping in view the educated people rate in Pakistan, it is very difficult for people to keep in mind (remind) their SIM number.

To check any number, you have got 2 different methods. Both these methods are described here for prepaid users. Let’s see each inquiry code separately and dial the code according to your SIM and remain up-to-date.

Check Your Own SIM Number

As you know, we have 5 famous telecom networks working in Pakistan. These networks include Jazz, Zong, Ufone, Telenor, and SCOM respectively. Hence, the given “CHECK CODES” are described according to all these networks in a row.

In Pakistan, the 2nd method to inquire your SIM number is to download and install the official app of your network. When you open the app of your SIM then on front page your SIM number will be present.

Jazz Number Check Code

To check your Jazz SIM number, please dial *99# from your prepaid SIM card. This service is now free, hence check your Jazz number via this string for free.

Jazz Ka Number Check*99#

Zong Number Check Code

Do you want to check your Zong SIM Number? It is very simple, just dial *2# to inquire your prepaid SIM. No charges will apply to SIM number inquiries.

Zong Ka Number Check*2#

Ufone Number Check Code

Dial *1# to inquire Ufone SIM Number. In case you fail, dial *780*3# and check the Ufone SIM number without paying any single paisa.

Ufone Ka Number Check*1#
Ufone Ka Number Check*780*3#

Telenor Number Check Code

Open the SMS section and send an empty SMS to 7421 by using your Telenor SIM to check the Telenor SIM Number for free.

Telenor Ka Number CheckSend Empty SMS to 7421

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This Service is Free

All these services that are mention above on this page are totally free. These services are call as “Self Care Services” of prepaid networks that usually come for free. Enjoy the telecom connection in Pakistan through these popular networks at affordable prices.