Online FIR Check by CNIC in Pakistan | First Information Report

You can use official Police website (portal) or app of your province / region for Online FIR Check by CNIC in Pakistan. Step by step guide is present here on this page to check FIR online.

In Pakistan the 1st report register by police against any crime is known as FIR (First Investigation Report) and it is the base of every valid-law case in our country.

That’s why, applicants often need to avail the copy of their FIR for the proceeding of their case in court. We have provide here different methods to get the copy of your FIR online using the CNIC Number or Complaint Number.

Online FIR Check by CNIC

In Pakistan all the provinces have their own portals for online E-FIR. That’s why, we have to take a look at each police website separately to know the basic steps to download the copy of our FIR using different items that we have.

1st of all we have describe here the app method. You can download a simple app and proceed to the FIR copy option. Let’s see how it works.

Online FIR Check by CNIC in Punjab

Within the province of Punjab it is possible to check online, view and download the FIR by following the few easy steps:

You need to visit

CMS Punjab portal

Enter your (Complainant) E-Tag Number of FIR in Complaint No

E Tag Number

Now enter your (Complainant) Mobile Number that is register in FIR

Click on “search” and your FIR copy will be display in few seconds

Click on download button to save / download FIR or save it using right click

Display of Image

This method only works in the region (cities & villages) of Punjab region

That’s it, it is now in your hands to check your FIR using your complaint number (E-Tag Number of FIR) and your registered phone number online for free. This service is for Punjab residents.

Check & Download FIR in KPK

Do you live in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and want to get your FIR copy online? If yes! Then follow these steps and get your FIR copy using your CNIC number.


Enter your CNIC number and click on enter

KPK Online FIR Check by CNIC

Your FIR will open instantly, print & save it

Note: Only registered CNIC (ID card) of FIR can be used to search / find your FIR using this system. Hence, enter the CNIC number that was used to file the FIR.

ISTP App For Islamabad

Do you live in Islamabad? If yes! Then you must have ICTP App in your mobile because it support online support and copy of FIR option.

Download and install ISTP App from play store

Islamabad Online FIR Check by CNIC

Open it and click on “Copy Of FIR” to get your FIR copy

Copy of FIR

Provide your basic details, complaint number, CNIC or phone number

Get FIR copy, click on download or save button to get it in your mobile

This app is only usable within the limits of Islamabad. If you live within the area of Islamabad, then you can use this app.

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We don’t have FIR checking system for Baluchistan and Sindh mention here because it is not available online. However, officials are working on it and in few days Baluchistan and Sindh region will include the online FIR checking facility in their apps and online portal.

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