How to Check PTA Approved Mobile Online in Pakistan

Today I’ll tell you “How To Check PTA Approved or registered Mobile Phone” or in other words “PTA Mobile Registration” via 3 working methods. In addition, registration codes & free are also described on this page. This trick is important for all smartphone users.

According to the new policy of Pakistan Telecom Authorities, you can only use PTA-approved tax-paid mobile phones in Pakistan. Smuggled phones were being used in the past in Pakistan. Now, the government is very strict in this case. In the past, people use to avoid the tax on devices, that’s why this rule has been made compulsory on expensive mobile phones.

Now you can only able to use a PTA-approved Smartphone. The phone will not get any signal in SIM slots in case of not approval by PTA then it will not get. This all is just because of Device Identification Registration & Blocking System (DIRBS).

Check PTA Approved (Tricks)

Those who have bought a second-hand Smartphone. 2nd hand phone used by an unknown person must check its PTA approval certificate with three genuine and working tricks.

There are 3 tricks to check PTA-approved mobile.

  • Through SMS verification
  • Visit the PTA website
  • Download the “DIRBS App”

1st Method (Check Registration through SMS)

In SMS verification, you just have to send your device IMEI number on the official code of PTA. Here are the steps:

  • Dial *#06# for phone IMEI
  • Device 15 digits IMEI will appear on the screen
  • Now send these 15 digits IMEI numbers on 8484 via SMS
  • They will send an auto-reply to contain the status of your tax history.

2nd Method (Visit Portal to Check)

This is the link to the official government PTA website. Visit this link and check your device’s tax-paid status for free.

  • Visit
  • Now enter 15 digits IMEI number in (check box)
  • Click on the “Check” button and submit reCAPTCHA
How To Check PTA Registration
  • The next page will inform you about your phone status
How To Check PTA Result

3rd Method (Download DIRBS App to Check)

“DIRBS” is available on the Play Store, which is the official application to check the status online on mobile for free. Here is the link to download the app from the play store.

DIRBS App Details

Download and install this application on your mobile. Now open it and enter 15 digits of IMEI in it. The next page will contain information about your tax-paid history of mobile. Get details about Free Number Tracker through this link.

Final Words

we suggest our dear visitors check their phone IMEI today. In case of no registration, please visit the nearest PTA center and pay its tax certificate so that you avoid signal loss problems.

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