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How To Pay Stormfiber Bill Online (Easypaisa & JazzCash)

Here I’ll tell you “How To Pay Stormfiber Online” or through Easypaisa & JazzCash. Yes! Here we have step-by-step details with images.

StomFiber is the top landline internet provider service in Pakistan competing with PTCL. Whether you living in an urban or rural area of Pakistan this internet service is available for you. You will get connections of 8 MB, 12 MB, 14 MB, 18 MB & 20 MB at affordable rates.

People usually look satisfied with the speed of StomFiber internet. When we talk about the service the authorities of their office co-operate with subscribers and try their best to resolve users’ issues within 24 hours.

How To Pay Stormfiber Bill?

After one-time connection charges, you have to pay every month’s internet bill for the internet package. there are several options to pay Stormfiber Bill. You can pay physically at retailers & bank counters.

These are the possible methods to pay the Stormfiber bill:

Online PaymentMCB Bank
Askari BankFaisal Bank

How To Pay Bill Online

To pay Stormfiber Bill Online you have to visit the official website. Here we have given each step to paying bills online with cards:

  • Open my.stormfiber.com
  • Now you have to sing-in into your account
  • Enter the User name or your registered phone number
  • Now provide your password
  • Click on the “Sign in” button
How To Pay Stormfiber Bill Step 1
  • Select the “Pay By Card” option
How To Pay Stormfiber Step 2
  • On the next page click on “Make Payment”
Click on "Make Payment"
  • Enter basic bank card details
Enter the details & click pay
  • Click on the “Pay” button
  • Done! Your bill has been paid online.

Note: You can pay bills online through both debit & credit cards.

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Payment in Banks

You can visit the nearest branch of MCB, HBL, OMNI, Askari & Faisal Bank to pay Stormfiber Bill physically. Hence this is the second trick to pay bills. We recommend our dear visitors to pay bills at bank branches to ensure security reasons.

payments in banks

JazzCash & EasyPaisa Payment

It is very important to inform you that Stormfiber has not yet introduced payment through JazzCash & EasyPaisa trick. However, in a few coming months, they will upgrade the payment trick to these services for users’ comfort according to new updates.


Stromfiber Bill Pay through JazzCah

  • Open JazzCash App
  • Click on Utility Bills
  • Select Internet section
  • Now click on Stormfiber
  • Input your Stormfiber ID
  • Click on “Pay Bill” to proceed
  • Done! Stormfiber bill is payed

Stromfiber Bill Pay through EasyPaisa

  • Open Easypaisa App
  • Choose bill payments
  • Provide your Bill ID
  • Pay bill online
  • Stromfiber bill is payed
Apna4G Conclusion

Online payment is only available on the official website with the method mentioned above. Without that trick, you can’t able to pay through other online payment sources. However, payment through the bank is possible and we also describe the bank’s names above.

12 thoughts on “How To Pay Stormfiber Bill Online (Easypaisa & JazzCash)

  • Mohammad pervaiz

    payment to stormfiber is big big issue. I may leave stormfiber due difficult payment procedure.
    I pay all my utility bills through hbl portal which when issue autometically appear on my hbl portal.
    Today i tried for 3 hours but couldnot make payment through stormfiber portal

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  • They need to build at least their technology department to upgrade things.

    • Muhammad Afzal

      Yes this is, true. All utility bills are paid on line through bank or easy paisa, etc. They have on line facility through ASKRI bank credit debit but Askri bank debit card does not allow out side payments. The company should look into it or one has to decide about the services.

  • In 21 century who has time to go to the bank and submit a bill where everything is online

  • Khurram Naseem

    I had been paying the bills via Debit card through stromfiber site
    Now I am unable to pay …….whereas other online payments are being made without any problem.
    Something is wrong at Stromfiber

    • Fahim Hussain Jafry

      I pay all my utility bills thru my account in bank via Internet banking services,
      but for stormfibre I have to pay cash at their office in Gulshan block seven.
      I don’t know why it is so and it is not updated.
      payment app is having bugs because when it scans NIC card it show a problem, I tried twice but was not successful.
      Kindly upgrade your system of payments so that via Internet banking of every bank may be paid.

  • Zeeshan Shakeel

    I am using StormFiber in 3 locations since 2018 and still, their payment system is pathetic.

  • Qazi Mohammad uzair

    I just disconnected my Strom fiber due to difficulty in online billing

  • Zafar iqbal

    Same problem I am facing to pay my online bill like others stormfiber customers.
    They have only two card options Visa and master card while other cards like UnionPay, paypak, and others lots of cards didn’t work. Stormfiber management has to resolve this issue & facilitate their customers.

  • Dr. Ahmed

    Stormfiber bank payment is not possible
    There is no bank actually accept payment for Stormfiber, I visited all the banks who Stormfiber said they accept
    In the area of linkroad model town all they said we don’t accept this and even meezan bank
    Stormfiber bank payment for last 6 months tried all the bank no one accept even every time I visit their Stormfiber office to pay and tell them about banks they know and they say just come here 30 minutes drive
    Any way I realized Stormfiber management not respectable professional guys


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