What are PTCL New Connection Charges For Internet, Phone, TV?

PTCL New Connection Charges are divided into 3 parts according to different services. You need to Pay Rs 2800 for Phone only, Rs 3500 for Phone + Internet, and Rs 3500 + Rs 6000 for Phone + Internet + TV respectively.

PTCL Modem and 80 Meter wire is free for all types of new connections. Here are full details about the Charges of PTCL New Connection to the Internet, TV, and Telephone is present for new & existing users.

In Pakistan, the one and only (oldest) working internet & telephone connection-providing company is PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited). It is a source of the fastest internet and makes our routine connections stronger. Whether you want to call in Pakistan or in abroad, you just need to pick up the receiver and dial the number. PTCL will connect you to your loved one in a few seconds using its latest fiber-optics technology.

PTCL New Connection Charges 2024

With the start of the New Year 2024, the PTCL is giving a new discount offer for all those users who want to get a new connection. Yes! Get a 30% discount on your new connection and pay less instead of the original charges.

Basically, the PTCL comes with 3 different services that include, TV, Phone & Internet. We have described here the connection fee of each service with its old and new charges list.

These are the PTCL New Connection Charges with a 30% discount:

  1. PTCL Phone Only = Rs 4000 (Rs 2800) comes with Modem + 80 Meter Wire
  2. PTCL Internet + Phone = Rs 5000 (Rs 3500) comes with Modem + 80 Meter Wire
  3. PTCL Internet + TV + Phone = Rs 5000 (Rs 3500) comes with Modem + 80 Meter Wire

Note: Phone (landline) connection is compulsory for all types of connections.

Note: For TV you need to buy a “Set-Top Box” that cost Rs 6000 (installment Rs 300 for 30 months).

Landline is Mandatory

Whether you want an internet connection only or an internet + TV connection (both services) from PTCL. You need to get a phone (landline) connection because according to the terms & conditions of PTCL. The Landline is Mandatory (compulsory) for all types of connections.

Set Top Box For TV

When you get a TV connection in PTCL, you need to buy a Set-Top Box that can play PTCL HD+ channels. This box is available on PTCL and it cost 6000 rupees. For the TV + Net + Phone connection you need to pay 3500 Charges + Rs 6000 one-time price of this box.

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On the other hand, the 6000 rupees Set-Top Box for TV is available in easy installments of 300 rupees for a long duration of 30 months. Visit PTCL office for further details about PTCL’s New & Existing connection renewal for free.