PTCL Flash Fiber Internet Packages With Price 2023

PTCL has launched PTCL Flash Fiber or in other words Fiber To The Home (FTTH) extremely fast internet up to 250 Mbps at a fixed price for Pakistan.

Are you a regular internet user? If yes then upgrade your level with the latest PTCL Flash Fiber internet. This is the latest type of internet providing record data speed without any interception or data loss. Yes! Just order a new package with an online website or visit the nearest PTCL office and transfer your previous data package to the latest update of PTCL.

The latest data is given the name of PTCL Flash Fiber because of its unique technology. The internet lines used in this technology are absolutely unbreakable and can provide three times more MBs per second as compared to previous old technology lines.

PTCL Flash Fiber Details

The latest technology is PTCL Flash Fiber. With this technology, advanced internet fiber lines have been installed in different cities in Pakistan. These new lines are more advanced and provide three times more speed as compared to previous lines of PTCL.

That’s why the technology has a unique name starting with flash fiber. The fiber lines cost million of rupees and all the subscribers of this new technology are satisfied with internet speed and affordable internet packages. Here we have mentioned complete details about packages, coverage areas, and basic info below.

PTCL Flash Fiber Packages

Now if we talk about the packages of the new PTCL Flash Fiber then it is important to highlight that the network has divided packages into 5 basic parts. It means there are only 5 packages having different speeds & prices.

1st Offers with (Internet + Smart TV + Unlimited On-Network Minutes) (Features) Packages:

PTCL Flash Fiber PackagesPrice
10 Mbps (unlimited)Rs 1,999
20 Mbps (unlimited)Rs 2,529
30 Mbps (unlimited)Rs 3,199
50 Mbps (unlimited)Rs 4,599
75 Mbps (unlimited)Rs 6,549
100 Mbps (unlimited)Rs 7,849
250 Mbps (unlimited)Rs 14,999

2nd Offers With (Netflix + e Junior + STARZ PLAY + Internet + Smart TV + Unlimited On-Network Minutes + 200 Mobile Minutes) (Features) Packages:

PTCL Flash Fiber PackagesPrice
10 Mbps (unlimited)Rs 2,899
20 Mbps (unlimited)Rs 3,429
30 Mbps (unlimited)Rs 3,699
50 Mbps (unlimited)Rs 5,099
75 Mbps (unlimited)Rs 7,049
100 Mbps (unlimited)Rs 8,249
250 Mbps (unlimited)Rs 15,299

Note: These prices are exclusive of taxes.

All the packages include internet + Telephone + Smart TV to entertain whole family members. Hence we can say that this is an all-in-one combo package to get complete service at an affordable price.

PTCL Flash Fiber Coverage

The new service has wide coverage areas in the whole of Pakistan. In different major cities of the country, the service has been already installed. Here we have the list of all those cities where 100 Mbps internet speed is available.

Coverage Areas:Coverage Areas:
PAF RisalpurOkara

Note: Only selected areas in these cities are covered by PTCL.


On ordering any of the above bundles the user will receive free telephone service. Here the subscriber will be able to call unlimited times on the PTCL number for free.

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Free Smart TV App

Here the service included a smart TV app to watch channels online on subscribers’ mobile. Hence stay in your room or in any part of your home and enjoy online HD+ channels on android with a free smart TV app.

PTCL Flash Fiber Smart TV App

How To Place Order?

If you like and want to order a package for your home then you can place your order by clicking on “place order”. After that a new page will open, now you have to select a package, your name, phone number, and your complete address. The team will contact you in the next 24 working hours. You can also call on helpline number 1218 and ask the agent for a new order.

Click here on this image and “ORDER ONLINE” the PTCL Flash Fiber package for your home.

PTCL Flash Fiber Order Online

Here we have provided a valid link that will redirect you to the official website of PTCL (Flash Fiber Internet) 2022. Hence enjoy the fastest internet in Pakistan at affordable prices.

Apna4G Conclusion

After the success of telephone lines, new and unique technology has been launched by PTCL. This technology is best to use the internet having more than 100 Mbps speed. That’s why we recommend our dear subscribers subscribe and bundle from this new service and enjoy an era of speed in Pakistan’s landline data providers.

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