PTCL CharJi Evo Cloud and Wingle Packages 2024 Offers

PTCL CharJi Evo Cloud & Wingle Packages 2024 with data volume and prices are present here. View all packages and device features, MBs check method, and other related info from here.

Grab newly launched EVO devices by PTCL and browse the world with the internet. This time company has launched people-friendly packages. These pancakes are not only affordable, but also have plenty of internet data at a low price.

PTCL CharJi Evo Cloud & Wingle Packages

There are 10GB, 20GB, 25GB, 50GB & 75GB Data packages that are offered by PTCL for Charji EVO Cloud users. The price of each package is different from other buckets because data volume increases in ascending order.

CharJi Evo Cloud Packages List

This is the list of all CharJi Evo Cloud Packages. All these packages are present here with price, validity, and incentives details. Remember that all these buckets are updated on Apna4G with the start of the New Year 2024.

Please take a look at the package’s price and other details. On the other hand, After the description of the package, we have also described the complete details of the CharJi Evo Cloud device including its new features.

  • 10GB for Rs 1000
  • 20GB in Rs 1250
  • 25GB for Rs 1500
  • 50GB in Rs 2000
  • 75GB for Rs 2500
  • Unlimited Package in Rs 1599 (On New Device)

1st Package (10GB in Rs 1000)

Get 10GB of the fastest data with CharJi Evo Cloud for just PKR 1000/- only. This bundle is valid for 30 days.

Bundle Name:CharJi Evo 10GB
Validity:30 Days
Price:PKR 1000

2nd Package (20GB in Rs 1250)

Receive 20GB of data for just PKR 1250 for 30 days.

Bundle Name:CharJi Evo 20GB
Validity:30 Days
Price:PKR 1250

3rd Package (25GB in Rs 1500)

Activate this bundle and get 25GB of internet for 30 days for PKR 1500.

Bundle Name:CharJi Evo 25GB
Validity:30 Days
Price:PKR 1500

4th Package (50GB in Rs 2000)

This is a massive bundle with 50GB for just PKR 2000 for 30 days. Hence, download with PTCL as much as you can!

Bundle Name:CharJi Evo 50GB
Validity:30 Days
Price:PKR 2000

5th Package (75GB in Rs 2500)

Avail 75GB data non-stop for 30 days with Evo cloud for 30 days in PKR 2500 only. Activate this bundle and enjoy your whole month.

Bundle Name:CharJi Evo 75GB
Validity:30 Days
Price:PKR 2500

6th Package (Unlimited in Rs 1599)

This is the best package that comes for all those users who have bought New CharJi Evo Cloud from PTCL. Hence, this package provides “unlimited” data for 30 days for 1599 rupees.

Bundle Name:Non-Stop Offer
Validity:30 Days
Price:Rs 1599

CharJi Evo Cloud Performance

The device basically provides 36 MBs speed. The speed of this marvelous device is much better than compared to the landline. In landline speed, we often have to suffer from the link down and other technical problems.

CharJi Evo Cloud Packages & Review

But with this device, we never face such problems. Therefore, these types of new Wi-Fi devices are considered the first choice for internet lovers.

CharJi Evo Cloud Price

People can easily buy this device from PTCL franchises and from online stores for just PKR 2,500/- only.

How To Check Remaining MBs?

Users can also get information about the remaining data by sending an SMS. Follow these steps and get the status of the remaining MBs.

  • Open “Type New Message” from your mobile.
  • Type “info<space>MDN”
  • Send this message to 051-2181218
  • You will receive a reply in a few seconds.

Complete details of MBs will mention in reply by PTCL.

Tiny Size & Easy To Carry

The size of this device is tiny, this is the main quality & feature. If you are traveling, or you are at school, college, university, or at the office, you can access the internet easily through the mini device.

Ultra Battery & Charging

You just have to charge this device for two hours, after that its powerful battery will work for 5 hours continuously. This device has a powerful battery of 2,380 mAh. If you want to make your home internet connection perfect, then this device is for you. Go grab a new device this year and also avail yourself of new people-friendly packages.

Non-Stop Social Media

Social Media lovers can also buy this device to make social browsing easy. This device is a perfect and non-stop source of fast internet for both mobile and laptop devices.

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More than 10 devices can connect simultaneously with WIFI. While browsing Facebook or using WhatsApp or Twitter, simply connect to your device and forget all old connection-losing problems.

Coverage Areas of Device

The coverage of this WIFI mini device is limited. All major cities are selected as coverage areas in Pakistan by PTCL.


Speed (Super 4G)

Evo Cloud has a maximum speed of 36 MBs which is enough for a user. The device has the capability of 5 to 15 MBs speed downloading. While uploading your data, it will provide 2 to 5 MBs ultra advance speed. This speed is enough for downloading or uploading daily routine stuff from Google.

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Professional gamers always look worried in Pakistan due to the interruption and slow speed of the internet. But due to its 15 MBs speed in downloading & 2 to 5 MBs in uploading. Gaming has become easy in Pakistan.

For more details, please click on the INFO & FAQs.

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