PTCL Student Package For 1 MB & 2 MB Speed

Enjoy unlimited internet with PTCL Student Package having 1 and 2 Mbps speed at low rates. Stay with us for complete details.

PTCL is Pakistan’s leading internet-providing service. Not only the internet but you can also enjoy the landline to communicate with others on phone. Our today topic is the cheapest bundles trending these days that have been launched recently, especially for students.

All internet subscribers get ready to avail themselves of a vital chance to start browsing on the fastest PTCL internet at low rates. Yes! PTCL has launched two basic cheap packages having the lowest rates in data packages history.

PTCL Student Package

There are two basic PTCL Student Packages having 1 & 2 Mbps speed. Hence we have described both packages separately below to avoid any type of confusion. But remember that both of these packages have the same name “student bundle”.

PTCL Student Package 1 Mbps

The latest 1 Mbps PTCL Student Package has been specially launched for those students who always remain in search of the cheapest internet connection. In addition, this bundle provides unlimited internet for 30 days with 1 Mbps speed for PKR 1299 only.

Package Name:PTCL Student
Package 1 Mbps
Speed:1 Mbps
Price:PKR 1299
Validity:30 Days
For Connection:Call 1218

It is also important to highlight that this package has unlimited data but the Fair Usage Policy (FYP 300GB) applies to this bundle. Hence subscribers will not able to download or browse more than 300 GB of data.

PTCL Student Package 2 Mbps

In this package, the user will receive the fast & reliable speed of the PTCL 2 Mbps Student bundle with unlimited usage.  This data will work for 30 days and the user may have to pay PKR 1549 for this bundle. However, for your complete guide, the additional details about this bundle are given below:

Package Name:PTCL Student
Package 2 Mbps
Speed:2 Mbps
Price:PKR 1549
Validity:30 Days
For Connection:Call 1218

Note: The Fair Usage Policy (FYP 300GB) also applies to this bundle. Hence the download & browsing will remain bound to 300 GBs for the data users.

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How To Get New Connection

It is a common ask question by users “how to get a new connection” of PTCL internet or landline. It’s very easy and we have described the answer to this question in easy words. There are basically two tricks with which you can apply for a new PTCL connection.

  • Get a connection by calling on 1218
  • Visit for a new connection

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Both of these methods will easily connect you with PTCL headquarters and your new connection application will start processing in 2-3 working days.

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